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Field Ant

Field Ant are in a large group of similar species. Typically, they are found in yards and fields, and are known by many names such as thatching,

Field Ant

Field Ant

Large ants, (3/8-inch) often confused with Carpenter ants. Wide variation in color: black, brown, tan, reddish, or red and black in color. Thorax is bumpy in appearance. Key distinguishing feature: The presence of 3 ocelli on head (ocelli are simple eyes on the front of the head between the ant’s compound eyes.

Field ants nest in the soil in moderately large colonies. They are scavengers and feed on other insects and nectar from flowers. Field ants do not normally nest indoors but the workers frequently forage indoors for food and create an annoyance by their presence.

Household sweets and honeydew. They also eat live and dead insects. Build mounds in soil in exposed areas. Some species make extremely large mounds. They do not nest inside buildings.

Field ants are commonly noticed during their swarming flights in the fall of the year. Large numbers of yellowish-brown, winged ants emerge from an underground colony and crawl around on the ground, trees, shrubs or buildings near the nest entrance before flying off to attempt to establish new colonies. These winged ants are harmless but create concern and some annoyance if they enter houses during their swarming activities.

Field Ants

Field Ants

Control: Successful control of field ants depends on a thorough inspection and making a correct identification. Low-level populations do not need to be treated. If ants are a nuisance in the yard, follow them back to their nest site. Once the nest is located, drench the mound completely with an appropriately labeled insecticide.

Complete saturation of the 8-12-inch diameter mound is essential. It may be necessary to increase the amount of water used in the application to get the insecticide to penetrate well. It may take a few days for the ants to completely disappear due to wandering ants taking several days to return to their nests. Some granular insecticides worked into the upper surface of the mound may also provide good control, but many are only available to professional pest control operators.

Field Ant Nest

Field Ant Nest

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