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Sugar Ants (Camponotus consobrinus)

how to get rid of sugar ants

Sugar Ant

Sugar Ants also known as the banded sugar ant are usually social insects, identifiable by their orange-brown bodies, black head and mandibles. They get their name from their liking of sugar and other savory foods. They are fairly large for an ant and have a painful bite. The worker ants measure from 1/4″ to 3/4″ and they have protruding mandibles. The Soldier ants are larger and darker than the workers.

Here at Beyond Pest control, we try to inform our readers about every kind of bug, pest, rodent, insect, or anything else on the planet that may just bug you. Sugar Ants form colonies of thousands. Sugar Ants, luckily enough are very easy to get rid of. They are probably the dumbest of the ant species; therefore our exterminators will surely know how to solve the problem.

Sugar ants are mostly nocturnal, and workers can often be seen heading out at night to where they store their food. They can also be seen during the day, but are more active during the night.

how to get rid of sugar ants

Sugar Ant

Sugar ants are a warm weather critter, so they’re active from March all through September and they love settling in your kitchen. You will see a black line moving through your kitchen if you spilled something sweet in your kitchen and didn’t wipe it up.

How to get rid of sugar ants ?

The way to avoid Sugar Ants in your home would be to maintain a clean kitchen sink and countertops for some reason Sugar Ants love to do your dishes, so doing your dishes and not letting them pile up goes a long way in prevention. Also, it’s not just a clean sink, but countertops as well. They are attracted to bread, cracker and cake crumbs. pastries, donuts, pizza… all the things we like. Use a sanitizing cleanser and that should do the trick. So remember anything sticky, sweet, powdery, flaky, crumby and gooey that has fallen on your floors or countertops, try and clean it up right away so that way you avoid an extermination bill at the end of the day.

how to get rid of sugar ants

Sugar Ants

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