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Bed bug Epidemic in New Jersey

CBS News published a small segment about the growing bed bug epidemic all across the US county.

Bed bug Nymphs

New Jersey allows landlords to pass the extermination cost of bed bugs onto the tenant. I would assume that in line with most other states, the laws in New Jersey required livable conditions to be maintained by the landlord. New Jersey is finally joining the civilized states in requiring that landlords foot the bill. Unfortunately this is the second time that this bill was passed by their Assembly but last year, it never made it to the Senate, according to The Jersey City Independent here and here.

Finally has reported that New Jersey Lawmakers are considering a bill designed to make landlords responsible to keep apartments bed bug free. reports that, Under the bill, landlords would have to exterminate bedbugs at their own expense when an outbreak occurs. Those who fail to take action could face fines of $300 per infested apartment and $1,000 per infested common area. The measure would also allow local health boards to conduct exterminations and bill unresponsive landlords.

Bed bug hide

Another contributing factor is the widespread practice of buying used or refurbished mattresses and furniture. Since bed bugs can hide in tiny cracks and crevices and survive long periods without a blood meal, you would have no idea that you were bringing these pests into your home.

Infestations can be found in almost every habitable location from luxurious homes to offices and even hospitals. recent outbreaks in motels and hotels have been most newsworthy. Lawyers seem to be aggressively pursuing litigation against …owners of motels, hotels and apartment complexes where their clients have been bitten. They are winning, and winning large awards for their clients and themselves.


New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services Consumer and Environmental Health Services Public Health, Sanitation and Safety Program

Bed Bug Control for Homes.

Bedbugs feed frequently such that the majority of insects would be closest to the host or in the mattress. They do not stay on the host after feeding. They multiple and spread to other parts of the room and eventually other rooms. They are not host specific such that any warm blood will provide nourishment. Forget about trying to starve bed bugs. The bugs may survive 2 months to a year without food depending on various conditions.


  • Clothing can be treated by washing in the clothing washer at the high or white clothing temperature of 140°F (thermal death 130°F to 140°F depending onlength of time). Remember that due to energy and burn safety, the house water may be tempered. In many cases the clothing washer does not have direct hot water supply before a mixing valve. In other cases the water heater thermostat can be raised for this purpose.
  • Throw mattress away and replace with new.
  • Encase in plastic or dust mite bag (allergy supplies) to prevent reinfestation until certain the bed bugs are eradicated.
  • If you decide to keep the mattress, do not treat mattress with residual insecticides.
  • Make sure any wet treatment dries. Then bag as above.
  • There is also a cold method of treating the mattress. Exact time and temperatures are hard to find. Examples- one University says that 5 days in a -10°F walk in refrigerator will work. Another citation says 32°F for 2 to 4 weeks… would still need a mattress in the meantime

Bed Bug Disease :

single bug can be responsible for numerous bite symptoms. Although over 28 disease pathogens have been found in bed bugs, transmission of these pathogens to humans has never been documented and is considered highly unlikely. For this reason, they are not considered a serious disease threat. Their medical significance is mainly limited to the itching and inflammation associated with their bite

Bed bug Bites

The second explanation involves numerous bugs that are lined up one next to the other (typically along a fold in a bed sheet) all feeding at the same time (similar to cattle at a trough). The important point is that the number of welts does not always correlate with the number of bugs that bit the individual. Thus, just a few bugs can be responsible for many welts in a single evening.

It is also very important to realize that bed bugs cannot be diagnosed by the bite alone. While a medical professional can examine the bites, they can only conclude that the bite symptoms are consistent with those produced by bed bugs

If you ever have any bug related issues in New York City, feel free to call us either at Beyond Pest Control. Once again, and I can’t stress this enough we are on call twenty four hours a day seven days a week to kill those bugs, we aren’t kidding whether you call us at 9 am or midnight we will be available to take your call and either get rid of the bug infestation, or answer any questions you may have concerning the bug issue. I can honestly guarantee that there will be someone to answer that call. We make it our business to make you bug free!

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