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Bed Bug Inspections in New York have changed for the better. It’s a new millennium, so let’s check out the new definition of a ‘Bedbug Detection’.


Old School Detector

Talk about ‘Old-School’ because whoever still uses a Dog to detect Bedbugs is soooo 1990s. The Bedbug Game now involves something us Exterminators would like to call, ‘The Electronic Detection’, here in New York at least.

I mean, hey, Dogs were great for a while, but these new Bed Bug detection machines are much better, much more accurate and definitely way more affordable for your pockets. But just because we have retired from using the ol’ school Canine Bed Bug Inspection Method, that doesn’t mean we don’t still love those canines.


Let’s start off with how this Bed Bug Inspection works…

Don’t believe that hoopla about bedbugs being invisible. Because any trained technician can visually spot bedbugs upon sheets, under or on a mattress, a box spring or anywhere within a bedroom, a living room or even in your office. They can visually spot tiny blood stains which are bed bugs feces stains (gross right? I know)as well as dead bodies of a bed bug or even their expelled shells within the bedding. Exterminators will usually always detect when there is an infestation or lack thereof.

So what happens when a visual inspection doesn’t work? No worries, we end up using‘the sensor’. The most difficult and important step in the elimination of bed bugs is the identification and confirmation of an infestation. It is highly important that bed bugs are detected as soon as possible, before the infestation worsens and goes out of control, or even worst, spreads throughout your entire home and/or apartment. Which we don’t want happening and is exactly why we are here to help!


Here’s where the New Bed Bug Technology takes over:

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They’re Camera Shy

Did you know that bed bugs produce Carbon Dioxide from the digestion of blood? No fear, because our unit is equipped with the most powerful co2 containment sensor on the planet and is combined with a small vacuum pump which constantly draws in air samples. This new bed bug discovery tool measures, with its various arrays of co2 sensors, increased level of co2, is exuded by bed bugs as they digest their blood meal. This enables the unit to detect even the tiniest amount of co2 produced by even just a few hidden bed bugs. This is great for those situations where visual inspections are not possible like deep in the folds of a couch. So keep hiding away bed bugs, cause you’re just wasting your time.

When bed bugs do hide, it usually iswithin cracks and crevices, which more or less are confined spaces. After a few hours in these spaces the co2 that they produce, build up enough for this sensor to register, which will then cause our bed bug detector to indicate their presence by activating a series of alarm beeps. The number of alarm beeps depend on precisely how many bed bugs are actually hiding within these spaces, as well as for how long they have been hiding there. It can also determine if a treatment has been successful or not. Crazy huh?

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Under the mattress

In the unit’s high sensitivity mode, it will react to a pocket of hidden bed bugs with a double or triple beep sound when the probe gets closer to their hiding space. If there is a large amount of bedbugs hidden in the same space, then the alarm will sound with multiple beeps. We never fail to accurately pinpoint their location in any residential or commercial building. We assure you of that.

So just to quickly recap….
#No Dogs
#No Inconvenience
#Fast Inspections

But hey, if you still prefer a bug sniffin’ dog, we will be more than happy to bring in our very own, face lickin’ Yorkie named Danee, so you can play with and be detained with, so us real deal exterminators can continue this new millennium thing we’d like to call, an inspection.

All jokes aside, bed bugs are becoming increasingly more common every day and are becoming more and more of a difficult problem, not only for hoteliers, retail stores, home owners, tenants or office managers, but are rapidly becoming more and more of a nuisance to all New Yorkers.

So if you are looking for a serious inspection before you decide to move into an apartment or home or even if you believe there may be an infestation already occurring in your home, OR maybe even if you want to play it on the safe side and get inspected anyway, then give Beyond Pest Control a call and we’ll come by the very same day, at your greatest convenience!

More information on a general inspection, then please visit us at: Ny Pest Pro

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Danee On The Job

If you ever have any bug related questions, please feel free to call us any one of our local offices at Beyond Pest Control (Family Owned and Operated for nearly 40 years!) Once again, and I can’t stress this enough, we are on a twenty-four hour, seven days a week on call motive, so if we get to permanently get rid of bugs, the by all means, call away becausewe aren’t kidding. Go ahead, test us out; 9 am or past midnight, we will be available to take that call and provide a solution to all your pest problems. We can honestly guarantee, there will be someone to answer that call of yours. We make it our honor in having you feel like you can live a bug-free life!

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