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Are Bed Bugs Really Suckin’ Blood
Out of a Golden Cup?

Night View of the Upper East Side in NYC
When those Bedbugs Come Out to Suck

We’ll tell you this much people…Bedbugs have and currently still are taking over one of New York City’s wealthiest areas; Yes, you guessed right–the Upper East side of Manhattan, the place where you can find real, Persian rugs, custom made Italian furniture, and very, very expensive antiques. But aside from all these fancy, shmancy goodies that come with being in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, these multi-million-dollar apartment buildings have been bombarded with some unwanted guests;bedbugs…

The number of these million dollar and up apartments being infested is on the up rise. Because you normally wouldn’t see them during the day and they are almost transparent in their nymph stages it’s almost impossible to see them. These unwanted pests are becoming to feel more and more comfortable within these pricey pads in New York City, therefore negating the idea that bedbugs simply affect the poorer communities.

Normally, many people believe that having bedbugs means that “they’re dirty,” or that, “they’re poor.” But in reality, these pests are beginning to prove everyone otherwise. Just because you live in one of the poshest areas in New York City doesn’t mean that you are dirty, it simply means bedbugs just want to feed themselves from you. It’s not a ‘rich’ vs‘poor’kind of thing, it’s more like an ‘unfortunate’ kind of thing.

bed bug
Look at that Bed Bug Blood Sucker

The number of bedbug violations have gone up in New York City in the last few years. In fact, back in 2004, New York City’s Health Department had reported a total of 82 bedbug violations and not just that, but in recent years, a total of 4,084 bed bug violations! And that, in fact, may not be an accurate number because many New Yorkers are still too embarrassed to report that they even have bedbugs. It is also noted that 1 out of every 10 apartments in New York City will be infested with Bedbugs!

Bedbugs are Nocturnal Pests; they only come out at night while you are sleeping. These pests love to live and burrow in headboards and fabrics in your home. The female bedbugs are capable of laying 500 eggs in their entire lifetime, therefore, that proves how an epidemic can quickly worsen. When they decide to feed on their host, they inject the human with two tubes; one being an anticoagulant, as well as an anesthetic, which causes the victim to not feel that they are even being bit by a pest. And the other tube is being used to extract the human’s blood, like some sort of sippy cup straw. Bedbug bites can be easily identified in the sense that they go in a straight line or a triangle and usually are followed along a vein.

With this outbreak in the rise, many people search for exterminators who will offer a quick fix, but in our opinion, this is not what people should be doing; what they should be doing is search for an extermination company who will offera permanent solution by using multiple methods, such as steam machines which will make sure that no furniture, expensive or cheap, is destroyed by the products used. Beware of fraudulent exterminators, as we do live in New York City, there are many of them who do exist. Be a smart shopper and ensure that you are completely comfortable with the company that you do decide to go with, as well as the methods that they offer to use in your home or work space. It is also very important to ask many, many questions, for you will know right off the bat whether these exterminators are real or whether o=they are crooks; this way you are able to test their personal intelligence of the company as a whole, as well as licensing and Insurance that they are representing to be.

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