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Eradicating bed bugs with New Jersey bedbug law


What is up with bed bugs?

Bedbugs are small critters that are known as the vampires of the insect world. They live by blood alone. They are survivors and for many years, the population of the bed bugs has reached very alarming rates. That is why it is very important to be aware of what they are and how the infestation happens.

NJ Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. For almost half a century, the modern man has not seen a bed bug infestation. The bed bug has been a very big problem during World War 2 and it has very devastating effects. Bed bugs are traumatizing. People will ask for ants and even some other critters and hope they are just those but not bed bugs. They are just disturbing, alarming and in a couple of months, a couple of bed bugs can elevate to thousands of bed bugs. That is how nasty a bed bug infestation could be. Would you sleep in a bed with a bed bug? You might if you do not know but after getting bitten and never know how those little bumps and rashes happened, you might rethink sleeping on that bed or sleeping at all.

In major cities across the United States, the infestation of bed bugs is as true as a bite on the back. In hotels, and at home, the bed bugs could be waiting. In New Jersey, a similar problem is trying to be addressed. Is there a way to eradicate the bed bugs? There is certainly no way to do that but there are means in which human settlements can be kept bed bug free, only having isolated and controllable bed bug issues. New Jersey borders with New York another State containing one of the most populous and popular cities in the United States. As bordering cities, both New Jersey and New York are trying their best to find ways to make the bed bug infestation problems controllable.


Tenant responsibilities

It is the right of the tenant to live in safe and habitable environment and that being said, the tenant needs to be in an insect free and bed bug free space most especially in multifamily homes. For apartments, if the tenant sees that the landlord breaches that contract, he or she can sue. You must be able to prove that during your stay in the hotel, you have done your part and responsibility as a tenant to keep the place habitable as well. Bed bugs can appear in clean areas and in dirty areas but of course dead spaces are dead giveaways already because there is a lot more space to squish in. your space should have a warranty of habitability. This is a warranty that protects you if you do not wish to pay the rent until the tenant does his part by removing the infestation of bed bugs on the area. These kinds of rules are in effect even if there are no written contracts or rules. It is part of the responsibility of the landlord but the tenant himself is responsible from keeping possible infestations. .

NJ House

NJ House

If there are infestations occurring in your home, you should have a professional as soon as possible. Do not go for DIY solutions like using fire, chemicals and some weak commercial pesticides. These could cause problems and it can be safety hazards. You need ask the help of an expert. Professional pest controllers are certified in the industry, they have training and extensive knowledge about pest control. Other experts even got license as entomologists so they can handle pest issues in all 50 states. It is a mixture of expertise and tools. New chemical are being used now for pest control that are not damaging to humans and mammals and only to pests like bed bugs. Getting an expert to come over your home is very necessary to have them analyze the problem and find solutions best for your situation. There are a number of methods for bed bug eradication but in massive, city wide and state wide scales, it is still very difficult for pest control experts to completely get a grasp of the situation


Owner responsibilities

The landlord of high rise apartments and condominiums are responsible for making routine checkups on all the aspects of their building. They need to check the plumbing, heating and electrical wiring. They also need to check if there are bed bug infestations and pests. As part of their responsibilities, the land lord can make checks on each room in the building vacant or not. They need to ask permission to have visual investigation of the area. Some tenants can be quite unruly with their use of the space which could lead to infestation that could also affect other tenants. If there is an infestation, then the tenant with a pest control agent can do a manual search of the entire space.

Bed bugs are very nasty and it can spread across a whole apartment building in a matter of months. If you have an infestation at home, one logical way to handle this is to check if the adjacent area is also infested with the bed bugs. If it is the first time you had one, chances are, it came from next door, or above or below you but most of the time just beside you. As you can see, failure to address the bed bug issue can really lead to affecting other people. If you have a massive infestation, you need to get a new mattress and have your old mattress removed since the insides might be teeming with nasty bed bugs. The best option of course is to have an expert check on your bed and sofa so that proper treatments can be done to salvage your bed and sofa.

nj bed-bugs-infestation

Bed bugs Infestation

You do not deserve bed bugs, so does your neighbor and his or her kids. Bed bugs can make sleeping a hellish experience. It can make you feel like something is crawling and trying to prick you with something. You become a banquet for the bed bugs, an all you can eat buffet and their choice of food is blood. You see blood stains in the morning from squished bed bugs and you have nasty rashes on your back, your legs, shoulders, hands and even your face and head. It is a disgusting experience. Although the swelling can fade, the scars from the hellish experience from bed bugs are truly lasting.

That is the reason why institutions and even tenant and landlord groups across New Jersey are looking for ways to minimize and eradicate the issue one home at a time. Information drives, educational services and hotlines are also set so that people can make calls to the right people. Of course there are the expert pest control agencies trying to do their best to service their clients and help them get their mattress and sofas back in shape and their home free of nasty bed bugs. Depending in the situation, sometimes, the experts can use high grade yet nature and human friendly pesticides to kill the bed bugs. Other kinds of treatments can be placed to keep the house free from bed bugs for months. Some use bigger and more advanced technologies to massive home infestations.

Pests like bed bugs are impossible to eradicate completely but there is a way to minimize them and to keep human settlements safer places to live in. that is why people need to be aware, vigilant and open about having their homes inspected. Only bad things will happen if they try to hide a nasty infestation. If you hide it, it would not be only you who will suffer but also other people who live beside you.

 nj bedbug-bite


The past few decades have been witness to the intensifying number of bed bugs. It has been seen in news, in papers and it is being researched by expert entomologists. Scientists and chemists are trying to find ways to create more potent pesticides to remove the critters. However while that is still on paper, we all need to take part to keep New Jersey and essentially all places with bed bug infestation bug free. Until then, we have to ask for help from professionals to have these nasty critters removed. And until then, try to sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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