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Pest Control for College & University Dormitories / Apartments

New York University, New York City
New York University, New York City

New York has some of the largest universities, both private and public, as well as a different variety of numerous colleges. New York natives aren’t the only ones who study with in these schools though, people from across the globe come to New York to study a variety of things from Journalism, Fashion, art, literature as well as science and technology. Actually, students studying abroad seems like it’s the ‘new thing’ now-a-days. All in all, one thing I know is for certain; New Yorker or Abroad, all students need housing.

Housing in the form of University dormitories, apartments and cheaper dwellings are available for students coming in to study. Living in a dorm is very different experience. You mingle with people from various walks of life. Some of them can be sloppy roommates and some of them are very clean. It would be best if you have a neat roommate since you will have a better chance of seeing pests while you study.

Pests in colleges and universities are a common thing. It is common to come across rodents, cockroaches or any other crawly critter every now and then, considering not many people actually throw their garbage in proper places, let alone, are too sanitary when they use the toiletry. It is just how things would normally proceed. Big pest issues do not happen in schools since students do not normally spend tons of hours at school. They have classes in the morning, go back in the afternoon and then settle in the dormitories or apartments.

College dorms and apartments are at a much higher risk for pests, specifically ‘bed bugs’. There are beds, they sleep in dorms, they spend their time during the weekends enjoying the free day and they would also stock up on junk food and other kinds of organic matter. If you have a messy room, you will find that ants, cockroaches and rodents could be lurking somewhere in your room.

Talk About One 'Messy, Unorganized Room' Huh?!
Talk About One “Messy, Unorganized Room” Huh?!

Messy rooms can lead to an eviction. In some dorms, there is a strict rule for cleanliness. This is a way to mitigate pests and also this is also a form of respect to the other people who reside in the room. You rent the room so you have responsibilities. No matter how ugly or beautiful a room is, pests can lurk there if you do not take care of your room. Some students go for dormitories and some prefer apartments. Some high rise apartments provide them more independence but at the same time, this independence can lead to a mess. It is very important to keep any room clean at all times. No food should be lying around, clothes should be stacked on clothes bins and your personal stuff should not be lingering around when there are other people living with you on the apartment.

With that being said, I must add that students are actually not immune to bedbugs or any other types of pests/crawly critters….Which brings me to the need to show you the extreme measure to how living conditions for typical poorly maintained spaces can & will lead to any sort of pest infestation:

College/University Building Inspection
College/University Building Inspection

Bed bugs can arrive in your apartment home if someone brought them to your apartment. They could be preexisting; someone from another area of the dorm or apartment could have them. There are so many ways bed bugs can enter a home. They will detect your carbon dioxide emissions. They will linger on your bed and sofa where you would normally sit and lie down. When you are sleeping, they will suck on your blood and irritate your skin, causing skin rashes. They can even make you sick. A couple of bed bugs can lead to thousands of bed bugs just in a couple of months.

Rodents are nasty. They can make your living conditions hellish. They are dirty and they can make you sick with their excretions. They always pee in places across your house. Rats and mice can make eerie sounds so you will not be able to sleep comfortably. If they die in one corner of your apartment, they smell and they can make you sick even further. The same goes with cockroaches and other pests.

Students living communally in one apartment or dorm room need to be aware of the dangers of pests. They make your living conditions very unpleasant, and they are not attractive to the people you invite in your apartment. It will be beneficial to clean up your clutter once a week at the very least. However pest control experts are your best bets when you have infestation like rats and bed bugs. There are better ways of capturing pests and mitigating their existence in a student apartment.

Pest Control Services Within College Rented Apartments
Pest Control Services Within College Rented Apartments

Bed bugs need to be addressed by a pest control expert. Bed bugs are very resilient and they multiply so fast. Pest control experts have the tools for the job. They have contact sprays for fast and effective pest control. They also have other tools like powder forms of pesticides that can be used for long lasting pest mitigation. These products are professional products since most commercial pesticides are not effective since bed bugs are immune to them. Apartment rooms with bed bugs need to be checked entirely since there is a possibility that other areas of the house are also infected.

University and private dormitories and apartments have stricter rules when it comes to sanitation. Sometimes they would do routine checkups. Young college students will often forget every now and then to clean up the mess in their areas and these can easily start up a possible infestation. When this happens, other students can get affected. If you do not want to get evicted because of your bad sanitation habits, then you should look after for yourself and not wait for any reprimands. It would be very embarrassing as well for others to find out how sloppy you are when it comes to your own room.

A messy room will determine how you are as a person. It will tell your roommates your priorities and study habits. Living in a messy room will also determine the speed of the infestation. Cockroaches can easily hide and thrive in messy areas. You get the picture. As a student, you need to take control of the room if you feel that others are not doing their part. You have to act since even if you are clean with your space, pests will still linger there if the others still have messy rooms. It is a difficult experience to live with someone who has very messy rooms but it is even harder to live with pests.

College / University Dorm Room
College / University Dorm Room

College dorms and apartments we see in movies may not be that way in real life but there is a real threat of bed bugs and pests. If you are not careful, uninvited guests might come in and make it their very own room. You might even pay extra for damages for the mess you made in the room. Realize this: a clean room is more comfortable. A clean room makes studying easier. A clean room will not make you worry about creepy crawlies. A clean room will give you confidence to invite friends over to study or have a private party.

We can do our job to stop pests from ruining our lives academically and socially. Pests are very dangerous to our health and if we breed pests in our living spaces, chances are they will spread across the whole floor like wildfire, like a plague. It is very unsightly and it is something we do not want happening. Dorm managers and pest control specialists do their part in controlling the pests by doing routine checkups across the whole establishment.

It is you job also as a tenant to do your job for a safe area to study and have a social life. New York offers some of the most prestigious learning experiences. Why tarnish it and make it hellish for yourself by not being clean? Ask the help of pest control specialists if you have any pest infestations. It is way easier to live in a clean dorm than to tip toe in a cockroach infested room.

If you ever have any bug related issues in New York City, feel free to call us either at Beyond Pest Control. Once again, and I can’t stress this enough we are on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! We are ready to brutalize those bugs, pests, crawly critters, etc and the best thing is…. we aren’t even kidding!! Whether you call us at 9 am or midnight, we will be available to take your call and either personally get rid of any pest infestation and/or answer any questions you may have concerning your pest issue and/or concern. I can guarantee you, that someone will always be there to answer that call. We make it our business to make you live a pest- free life!

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