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What do bed bugs look like?

bed bug bite symptoms

Bed Bugs are oval in shape and have a flat body structure, which enables them to nest in small cracks and crevices. bed bugs are about 5-9 mm in length and are similar in appearance to a tick. When bed bugs first hatch, bed bugs are nearly transparent and about 1 to 2 mm. Bed bugs are parasites that feed on the blood of humans and in some cases animals. Bed bugs require their victims’ blood in order to grow and to reproduce. Upon feeding a bed bug’s nearly transparent appearance initially changes to medium brown similar to the color of cockroaches and can gradually progress to a purplish-red color.

chinch bugs, or the modern plague have resurfaced and have established their prominence at the top of pest control lists in the new millennium.  bed bugs have invaded numerous large cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago; inhabit hotels, motels, apartments, public spaces and homes at alarming rates.

Some Quick Bed bug Facts

Bed bugs are crack and crevice creatures that reside in beds, dressers, night tables closets, couches, walls, clothing and moldings. They are sneaky creatures and will hide in almost anything. They are real headache and eliminating them can be difficult if not done right. Bed bugs are small, reddish insects, which are about 4-5mm long. Bed bugs are invasive insects that can be hard to detect.

Bed bugs are tiny insects that drink the blood of humans. They are not avoidable even if we take preventative measures. They Are like little vampires that take up residence in your home. They Are small, nocturnal parasites that call many places their homes. Bed bugs are more resilient and resistant than any other pest, including rats and cockroaches.

Bed bugs are a small wingless insect that feed upon the blood of animals including humans. They are small, brownish, flattened insects that feed solely on the blood of animals. They are small brown insects that feed on the blood of warm blooded mammals. They are tiny, blood-sucking insects.

Bed bugs are fast moving insects that are nocturnal blood-feeders. Bed bugs are often mistaken for fleas, ticks and or baby cockroaches. They are elusive and usually nocturnal, which can make them hard to spot. They Are not known to transmit disease.

Bed bugs can wander between adjoining apartments through voids in walls and holes though which wires and pipes pass Bed bugs can live up to a year without feasting on blood. They are negatively affect our physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

Bedbugs have a stigma that the person who got them is a dirty person which is far from true. They spread readily from infested units to surrounding units in multi-occupancy settings. They travel in your clothing and luggage easily.

Bed bugs can attach themselves to you without you even knowing.

Bed bugs can survive for 9-12 months without eating. They Are most active when people are sleeping. They Are clearly a problem that is far more serious than people realize. Bed bugs were once nearly eliminated as a pest in civilized society.

We had a 30+ year bed bug free period, due to extensive treatments with DDT dating back to the 1980s. But DDT was banned due to its side effects.  Bed bugs have since built immunity to insecticides only to increase in number and to return with a vengeance and spread throughout our communities.  bed bugs are 260 times more resistant to pesticides acquired over time by selection with parathyroid, so their receptors no longer respond to pesticides toxic effects. This recent spike is partially attributed to lack of public awareness and increased worldwide travel. We at Beyond Pest Control Inc. receive tons of calls every day and you would be surprised how uninformed people really are when it comes to bed bugs, their treatment and to go as far to blame mosquitoes.

What do Bed bug bites look like ?

bed bug bite symptoms

The most recognizable sign of bed bug activity are the bites, which generally can be found in clusters particularly in the body’s mid section and on the arms and legs.  On occasion bed bugs can bite the face and neck as well, usually a line of bites that follow a vein.  Other warning signs of bed bug activity in an area cast bed bug skeletal shells left after transitioning from one growth stage to the next, unexplainable small blood spots found on bed sheets and pillows, and the grouping of dark fecal spots – a by-product of digested blood from their victims and their eggs which are almost transparent. There are some reports that the bugs can harbor bacteria and diseases such as HIV and hepatitis B virus, but there is no evidence to show bed bugs spread any kind of disease.

Bed bugs are largely nocturnal.  Nonetheless, it is not uncommon for them to feast on victims in broad daylight.  It’s not the light that they are afraid of but it’s the carbon dioxide you expel as you breathe out that attracts them. bed bugs want a buffet and you’re on the menu. The female bugs lay eggs mostly inside cracks and crevices.  One female can lay about 200-250 eggs in her lifetime.  Hatching of the eggs takes between one week to ten days.  The newly hatched babies or nymphs go through five identified growth stages referred to as “molting,” before reaching full maturity.  Molting is the shedding of the exoskeleton to allow growth.  Adult bed bugs have an average life span of eleven months.
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Bed bugs usually co-exist in clusters and can largely be spotted in areas such as mattresses seams and on pillows, crevices of box springs, bed frames and other furniture pieces such as couches and chairs.  Other prime areas are linen closets, picture and artwork frames, base boards, window frames, and door posts.  While bedrooms are the most common areas that bed bugs are found in, other rooms around the house are not off-limits, particularly those additional spots inside the home, office or other spaces where people spend long periods of time.

what do bed bugs look like

Frequent travelers are a high-risk group when it comes to exposure to bed bugs, due to the recent spike in bed bug activity found in hotels on planes and other high-human traffic areas.  It has gotten to the point that people bring their cars to be sprayed especially some can drivers. It is recommended to personally inspect mattresses, pillows, chairs and couches, and luggage pieces at the start and end of a hotel stay.

High-end hotels and other luxury spots are not immune to this epidemic, as bed bugs do not distinguish between posh and poor or between clean and sanitary and cluttered and filthy. It is highly recommended that you seek out our help or another professional pest control company.  As is usually done with other pests, but particularly in the case of bed bugs, extermination procedures for these pesky, determined bugs consist of detailed inspections and treatment cycles as needed. Such as steaming, chemical and dusting which is described on our Bug Steaming page. For bed bug extermination to be successful, it is extremely important to closely follow the exterminator’s instructions related to pre and post-treatment of the affected space.  Treatment methods consist of inspections followed by either all chemical or part hot steam/part chemical extermination treatments.
The chemicals used for extermination are greener because less pesticide is used due to steaming In addition, completely “green” treatment methods are also available by request. However, it does take a little longer to abate the bed bug problem by way of the green approach, unlike the regular treatment for which the results are largely immediate. The products used by professional exterminators are not available over the counter, they are restrictly used pesticides and as such administering them requires special equipment and training.

what does bed bugs look like

Bed Bug Nymph

D.D.T, believed to eradicate bedbugs in the early 1940’s and 50’s was apparently not the necessary weapon of choice because NYC is in a current battle with them. As many of us have fallen victim to these pests, especially NYC, including boroughs like Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, and various other locations these pests are on the rise, and rising fast. Choosing the poshest of neighborhoods like Midtown and the Upper East Side as their main location. This invasion is what we here in New York consider an epidemic and it all began in the late 1980’s and increasing within the last ten years.

It’s safe to say that D.D.T wasn’t all that effective as well as it is illegal to use since about 1972. So the question herein is, What can New Yorkers do? To begin many exterminators discourage people from purchasing or even picking up used mattresses, furniture, sofas, dressers, frames, and lamps. The main reason is that bedbugs are crack and crevice creatures and lay their eggs inside the cracks and folds in furniture and mattresses. So if you are walking down the street on garbage day stay away from that really nice secretary desk because if it looks like new then it probably has bedbugs in it.

bed bugs on bed posts

Bed Bug Life Cycle

If you travel make sure that you keep your suitcases off the ground, away from beds if they aren’t yours. Also, you should check your bags before you get home for any remnants if a bedbug; bed bugs are about 4 to 5 millimeters in length and have flat bodies the size and color of apple seeds. If you do come across these when you get home place all of your clothing in plastic bags and place clothing in the drier.

One sure tell tale sign you have bedbugs is the presence of itchy welts on your body, usually in clusters of three usually following a vein. You may also see tiny red or brown marks on your sheets; this is fecal matter which is made up of your blood. If all of this is present then contact your exterminator as soon as possible New York City is full of great pest pros that can ensure your safety and your family’s safety from this absolutely horrendous pest. Also, if these professionals do not check mattresses, dressers, night tables, closets, and sockets, you do not have a great exterminator inside of your home. Make sure that they do all of it because if they don’t, then you might just still have bed bugs in your home. At the end of the day they are still pests, and very much alive and invading New York, slowly but most certainly surely. So beware New York because no one is immune to Bedbugs.

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