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Cities with worst Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs, they do bite at night. Once upon a time, bed bugs were just part of the routine for mothers to tell their kids. It just sounds comforting before. Sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite. However, in the recent years, bed bugs have resurfaced. Of course bed bugs were not totally eradicated in the 50s but their presence and sheer volume in today’s living conditions are equivalent to a real hype.

Bed Bug

Bed Bugs News

Bed bug infestation have become a real threat. The worst part is that no one is spared when it comes to bed bug infestation. You have a mansion? You can have bed bugs. You live in the penthouse of a hotel? Surprise, bed bugs can be there. From slums to the most expensive places, bed bugs will always be there, detecting your carbon dioxide emissions and in the middle of the night, they will suck your blood. They can cause rashes and if you let hundreds of them drink your blood, you can also get a little bit queasy and anemic. Bed bugs, they will bite you at night.

The US has a massive infestation of bed bugs. These little critters have even headlined in the news and in major news papers. It is not a mere pest problem. It is a real horror story if you think about it. Imagine your mattress and your headboards with hundreds and even thousands of bed bugs filled with blood. It all came from you. Bed bug infestation is a massive issue in a number of cities across the United States if you do not live in any of these areas; don’t think that you are spared. There may be smaller cases but that could also lead to massive infestation if left unattended.

According the Terminix, there are 15 cities that have high infestation levels from bed bugs. You will certainly have some jitters if you are in one of these cities.

First, we can let you know the states. Minnesota, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Massachusetts, California, Washington DC, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York have big infestation issues from bed bugs. Minneapolis, Minnesota is the least infested from the bunch. Ohio however, has 4 cities with massive infestation issues but we still do not have the numbers to check if the total can match the numbers in New York which has the highest infestation levels according to the list. Now as you can see, infestation from bed bugs is not sensitive in region or even on location. From coast to coast, bed bugs are present and they will bite you at night.

Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bug Infestation

The fact is that bed bugs are extremely resilient. Firstly, they may have lurked in your travel suite case and they joined you in your journey from New York to LA. You stayed in a hotel and the bed bugs find themselves in a new habitat. They can work it out. You just transferred a bed bug and it could lead to infestation in that area. Bed bugs can travel with you and you will never know it unless you have all your items of clothing and your bag scrutinized before going away. They can travel and go to places and find a possible human host. As you can see, they are not picky. Even in the cold state of Minnesota, bed bugs can live comfortably.

As you are about to uncover, most cities included in the list are all major cities meaning there is a massive population in the area. Most of these areas have metropolitan areas and their own suburban areas. Big cities tend to be more difficult to manage. High rise apartments are made up of hundreds of smaller spaces and each of these spaces could be teeming with bed bugs. Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide and imagine industrial and commercial cities all expelling CO2. Think about it, the existence of bed bugs has really resurfaced with the problem of heightened CO2 emissions. Populous cities not only emit CO2 from normal respiration. The appliances and all the commercial products are filled with CO2. You will certainly find yourself in a CO2 zone when you enter a city.

Bed bugs go for those locations where the CO2 emissions are high and what does this mean for people in cities? There is a bigger chance of being infested by bed bugs. That is a mere laying of possible facts but of course not all houses in big cities is infested by bed bugs. There are isolated cases and there are full blown infestation issues. These cases of bed bugs are just full of mystery but the fact is that they can be controlled and minimized. You can ward them off if you just want to.

Many entomologists which are specialists in the field, are studying bed bugs, looking for ways to make more potent insecticides that are environment and human friendly. Pest controllers know that when people realize that they have bed bugs, they want these critters out right at that moment. That is the reason why pest control is extremely big in the US. Human habitation is in a massive plain with diverse species that are trying to survive as well. Proper eradication methods are very important.

Bed Bugs in Bed

Bed Bugs in Bed

Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Cincinnati are just some of the cities filled with bed bugs. People have tried to handle the thing with their own hands but it does not work. Sometimes they just harmed themselves in the process. That is why it is important that you seek out the help of a specialist, an exterminator. The fact is that bed bugs are very resilient and they could have gained immunity from past insecticides from long ago. Remember evolution? Yes, it happens. If you have bed bugs or if you suspect there are bed bugs, you need to get some help as soon as possible.

You cannot do this alone. It is difficult to accept such facts. There is just a feeling of loss when you have an infestation. However, you should not feel down. Bed bug infestation is really possible. It is not with mere cleaning of the house that bed bugs will go away. Expert treatment, specialized treatment of bed bug infestations in these cities is very important.

Landlords with apartment areas need to have routine checkups on their tenants. Some tenants, sad to say are real slobs and they sleep everywhere and they could have even brought the bed bugs in the apartment. If there is a bed bug infestation in one area, there is a possibility that adjacent spaces will be infested if you do not do something about it. Bed bugs can live in sofas and mattresses and can be found in corners of cabinets, carpets and areas within the proximity of the main infestation area.

Bed Bug Bite

Bed Bug Bites

If you have an infestation issue, call an expert right away. What they will do is use a Co2 detection machine. This machine can detect carbon dioxide emissions that bed bugs release and it is very accurate. If the area is infested with bed bugs, proper insecticides should be used However you cannot use most pesticides on your own as they are not available over the counter. In those circumstances you need to retrieve the help of a professional exterminator, as only a specialist is allowed to handle such pesticides.

There are many insecticides that are industry level and they are great since they have no side effects to people or pets. They only cause damage to bed bugs and other insects. Some mattresses can be extremely infested with bed bugs so people prefer to throw them away. Have an expert do the task first of eradicating the concentration of bed bugs since if you expose this outside, it could lead to the bed bugs spreading outside and getting into other people’s homes.

Bed bug infestations are horror stories for homeowners since it is uncomfortable to see your back or your face or your legs be filled with tiny blood-sucking critters. You do not need to find a new home, but you have to accept the fact that living in a big city has its very own benefits and disadvantages. Having a routine check of your house is a must. Yearly checkups may be a bit of a stretch for some but at least you will have more comfort. It is hard to detect if a space is totally free from bed bugs. They have a unique way of living but they are real enigmas. You can say that cockroaches are nasty and mice are horrid but bed bugs, they are a different case.

From Los Angeles to New York, bed bug infestations are rampant. Displacement and moving around is futile and costly. Getting the help from a bed bug specialist is the only way that you can actually resolve this problem. However, any pest control task is as temporary as anything else in the world. You need to be aware that bed bugs can come back at a time you do not expect so make sure to do your necessary routine checkups to prevent nasty bed bug infestations.

Bed Bug hiding

Bed Bug Hiding

If you ever have any bug related issues in New York City, feel free to call us either at Beyond Pest Control. Once again, and I can’t stress this enough we are on call twenty four hours a day seven days a week to kill those bugs, we aren’t kidding whether you call us at 9 am or midnight we will be available to take your call and either get rid of the bug infestation, or answer any questions you may have concerning the bug issue. I can honestly guarantee that there will be someone to answer that call. We make it our business to make you bug free!

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