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Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are obviously known pests within many homes. We often see them in NYC apartments as well The scientific name for these pests is Attagenus Megatoma or more commonly known as the black carpet beetle. These pests are oval shaped and are about 3/16th of an in length and of course black with brown legs and are fabric pests commonly found in West Virginia but are found in other places such as NY. These beetles produce larvae that is about a half inch in length and they are carrot shaped and may be either brown or yellow in color with a sort of ponytail of hair coming out of the end of the body. Also, there is another common carpet beetle by the name Anthrenus Verbasi.


Carpet Beetle

This carpet beetle is a bit different than the one aforementioned. The differences are that this one is round in shape and is only 1/8th o an inch in length as well as its yellow, brown and contains white scales, so it is quite different. This beetle is more commonly named “varied carpet beetle” and the larvae are 3/16 of an inch long to about 1/4th of an inch and are wedge shaped, covered with transverse bands of hair, with short tufts of bristles at the ends of their bodies.

Fortunately these pests do not bite, sting, or carry disease. There allot look allot scarier than they actually are. They don’t eat wood but they are able to cause a lot of damage if left unchecked. Much like many other pests it is mainly the larvae that does the damage, usually in areas of stored products like fabrics and such. The adults do not normally feed on fabrics, instead they eat on the pollen of plants outdoors.

carpeet beetles

Carpet Beetle

The adults appear outdoors around May and June. They way in which they enter homes is normally by way of flying through windows or crawling through cracks, even on your clothing when coming in from outside. Because these pests are so secretive they usually lay their larvae which can range from 30-100 eggs, inside of lint, and stored clothing. You usually don’t realize that they are even there until it is too late and they are in their adult stage.

These pests are usually found in natural fibers, wool, wool felt, piano felt, fur, feathers, hair, animal trophies, hides, and fur coats. These all may be subject to destruction by the larvae. Don’t Worry we have the answer.

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