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Exterminators, plus more! Billy the Exterminator


Making pest control a tad more exciting

Billy the Exterminator

Billy the Exterminator

You imagine your pest control team to be wearing a baggy old jumpsuit, right? Well, you are in for a ride when you see a rocker style team of exterminators rally to get the job that you can’t do, done. Pest control may sound like a mundane, really annoying job but the task of pest control is a skill. It takes a lot of studying and analyzing. You cannot just zap insects with sprays or use mousetraps. There is a lot of science and years of experience to understand the problem. That is why when a camera crew follows a team of unique pest controllers, they are in for a real treat. The fact is that pest control can be really exciting most especially if you know already what you are really in for. Let us get a glimpse of how Vexcon, led by Billy Bretherton with his crew, manages to get the nasty job of keeping homes pest free, one pest at a time.

Billy the Exterminator is an American Reality TV show that is aired on the A&E Network. This is a 30 minute program dedicated to showing the life, the adventure and some misadventures of Billy and his team of pest controllers on their company Vexcon in Louisiana. Billy is not a neophyte in front of the camera. He and his team was already featured in Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs before being offered a reality show dedicated to their pest control exploits. Billy the Exterminator is now on its 3rd season showing that there is a great appeal to understand what makes a pest thrive into a home and the ways in which pests are addressed. An environmentalist, Billy prefers to have the pests and animals to be sent far off putting them in the best environments that they should be in.


Concept of the show

The show revolves around the everyday work at Vexcon where the team goes out to solve pest issues and relocate the pest out of human habitation. Every episode, a specific kind of pest is featured. The episodes tackled snakes inside the home, bees, dead animals, possums, and dangerous animals like alligators, poisonous spiders, raccoon scares, roaches, bobcats and a combination of these things. Sometimes the extent of the pest problem is really big but of course that is something to expect on the diverse flora and fauna of the Louisiana area.

billy the exterminator

Billy the Exterminator

Recurring animal attacks in the show would be snakes in various locations like funeral parlors, closets, swimming pools, swamps and many others. The snakes vary and sometimes the more dangerous ones happen to be lurking just around the area like rattle snakes and the bigger ones like pythons. As Billy promotes more ecologically sound way of addressing the issue by relocating the animals.

Billy does not only show you how they handle the pests. He also tries to give essential information about the danger levels, the things to consider, their scientific names and other informative details. The approach is informative reality so you just do not see them doing things, you know why some pests are meant to be in the wild and what pests you should be really aware of. The really cool thing about the show is that they are not your regular pest management experts. You would not see them donning a nasty jumpsuit. They will get to the homes with their hair done and their attitude on because pest control is not just a task, it is a show on its own. Any crazy animals would not be able to top the Vexcon team.

As a reality show, producers always try to find the best one that can provoke people to watch. The idea of pest management on TV is sensational and you need a unique company that can really get the audience connecting with them. The crazy flora and fauna at Louisiana and the crazy team at Vexcon is the perfect candidate for the show. They really are amazingly brilliant.

Billy Exterminator Team

Billy Exterminator Team

If you want to see then wrangle snakes and wild boars, catch pesky bees and hornets and put other insane and dangerous animals from human habitation, then Bill the Exterminator can provide exciting adventures right at your own TV screens. Pests are really nasty and there is no sensationalism there. Pests like cockroaches swarming from a nasty wall paneling, ants have their own kingdoms by your garden area. A snake or two; swimming in your own pool and bees and hornets building their colonies by your favorite tree. These are regular pest issues that Bill and his team exterminate and relocate for the safety of the people and of course to set animals to a safer habitat.

Pests are not isolated cases in Louisiana. When the levels of pestilence go high in a certain area, a food and life cycle unravels. If rodent problem starts to rise in an area, snake problems are abound and then another issue comes along. Vexation for Bill and his team is bound by holistic philosophies and you will definitely see that pest control and management for them is not a mere job; it is a passion. That makes Bill the Exterminator a good read. You not only get information about pests and how the natural cycle occurs. This is a very important thing to know to understand how pests come around how the infestation can be controlled in that area.

Louisiana has swampy areas, woodsy areas, and homes can be rearing poultry or livestock. The conditions are perfect for stray animals living in human territory. The fact is that humans are just trying to survive as well in this shared environment and with the help of Bill and his team, homes can get better.

billy exterminator team

Billy Exterminator Team

Of course it is not just the pests that are highlighted in this show. You will see the interaction between the family members and the members of Vexcon. There is drama, action, and a little bit of everything to spice things up for the show. The treatment for the TV show is your typical reality show, not mainly a day in the life but was edited to unravel the highlights and important events that can stir the people’s attention. People do not only watch Billy the Exterminator just for the insects. Of course there are human aspects that make the show more exciting and it balances out the gruesomeness of exterminating killer animals and pesky pests. Once you watched one of the episodes, you will get hooked by the drama. Of course within the first couple of seasons, many things have happened already so the third season will certainly not disappoint you at all. You will certainly love the amazing interaction and most importantly the highlight of it all, the pests.

Of course only a few will be passionate about pests and that is why we have Vexcon and this show. For those who want to understand more the pests and how they come to be that way and how to address issues about infestations, you will certainly love this show. If you like to watch man versus wild shows, then this is a good show for you. See how Billy wrangles animals and tries to safely relocate them in areas where they will not cause any harm.

For this group of exterminators, there is not one day where there are no pest and animal problems. From nasty raccoons, killer bees to nasty cockroaches, you will certainly get adrenaline rush just by watching these critters run down a household, a zoo or any other locations. Aside from that, you will see tension, drama and a whole lot of humor. There is nothing like a great reality show that is action packed and dramatic at the same time.

billy the exterminator

Billy the Exterminator

Pest control is really a tough job and you can see that the Vexcon team is passionate about their job. They are highly qualified and with the cameras rolling, you will see how fast decision making and extensive knowledge of animals and insects can help you survive places like Louisiana. Billy the Exterminator also uses natural products for their extermination so you know that they have their business and priorities straight. You might find their fashion unruly for their job but they know how to pull off a really rocking show with their expertise and some drama of course.

Watch the latest episodes of Billy the Exterminator at A&E. You will find yourself getting intrigued at why they are unique and how they handle their job. You will also see drama, and a whole lot of action just by seeing the animals featured. It is like Discovery but with a whole lot of drama. Of course that is part of the charm of this amazing show. Check it out and see how the interaction of nature and man can become a really powerful drama for a reality show. Explore the amazing extermination exploits of this company and what makes them such a success.

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