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Book Louse, Book Lice

Book Louse

BookLouse are tiny (about 1mm – 1.5mm long) smaller than a pinhead. The most common psocid is Liposscellis bostrycholphila, which is a tropical species and cannot live outdoors in the New York. They prefer to live in dark, warm, humid places, such as the folds of food packaging in cupboards.

They feed on a wide variety of food products such as flour and the microscopic moulds that develop in humid conditions. They may live for about six months, during which time the female can lay up to 100 eggs. Several independent studies have shown that the psocid species, which causes the majority of problems in the home, are rarely found where food is produced.

They can live for about six months and in that time a female will lay up to 200 eggs. They feed on microscopic moulds and mildews which flourish in warm, humid places such as the domestic kitchen. They are not caused by poor hygiene; they are just as common in the cleanest of homes. Research has shown that the sorts of psocids (there are many different types) found in homes are rarely found where food is produced, so they are unlikely to be brought into the home in foods. They can be found in old books, carpets and other furnishings in the home.

Book Louse, Book Lice

Book Louse

BookLouse prefer areas with high humidity, but can tolerate dry conditions for some days. They are always associated with damp and are therefore usually found in kitchens and bathrooms. Inadequate ventilation or a leaky pipe and even plaster drying out can attract them. Some food products such as flour naturally contain moisture and it is here that psocids can rapidly increase in number. This is most likely to happen during the summer months when temperatures are higher, leading to their discovery in the autumn.

It is best to keep all dry foods in cool, ventilated cupboards. Make sure cupboards are free from damp. If you notice that condensation occurs in the kitchen, particularly during cooking and washing, it is advisable to open your windows.

Book Louse, Book Lice

Book Louses

Packets of food that have been opened should be used quickly and avoid pushing them to the back of the cupboard where they may be overlooked. Any potential hiding places should be sealed with paint or mastic.

Many kitchen units are made from a laminated chipboard with no lamination on the unseen sides. The unfinished edges can provide hiding places and can be painted to seal them.

Regular cleaning of cupboards is advisable but do not make the cupboards wet, as this may encourage growth. The use of a vacuum cleaner is recommended, provided the contents are disposed of immediately in an outside bin.

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