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Differential GrassHopper

ifferential GrassHoppers can be the most noticeable and damaging insects to yards and fields.

Differential GrassHoppers upper surface is dark brown to olive green, the under surface is yellow. It has clear, glossy hindwings. The chevron-like black stripes on the large portion of the hind legs are very distinct. This species is the largest of the three; adults are 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 inches long.

NYC GrassHopper Control

Differential GrassHoppers is a polyphagous insect feeding on both grasses and forbs. Microscopic examinations of crop contents show that it usually consumes more forbs than grasses. When fed a mixture of forbs in the laboratory, the differential grasshopper develops faster, grows larger, and produces more eggs than when fed a mixture of grasses. It also does well on single plant diets of common sunflower, soybean, and wheat plants.

In laboratory tests the differential grasshopper readily eats several species of forbs and grasses.differential grasshopper for wilted or damaged sunflower, often observed in the field, is probably due to chemical changes in the wilted tissues such as increases in sugar and in amino acids.

Life Cycle:Differential GrassHoppers do not migrate in the Winter like some other species do.Differential Grasshoppers breed in late Summer and early Fall. Females press long egg masses 1 inch long down into the soil near some weeds. A female grasshopper may lay up to eight egg masses, with about 25 eggs in each.Eggs hatch the following Spring.

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Baby grasshoppers do not look like adults, and they are called nymphs. Nymphs will eat and grow, shedding their skins as they get older. Each time a hopper sheds its skin , it will look a little more like an adult. After six molts, the nymph will finally be an adult grasshopper.It takes a month and a half to two months for a nymph to develop into an adult.

Control Residents of urban communities generally have little control over the surrounding countryside, management options for grasshoppers in urban landscapes are limited. Sos can protect valuable plants, to some extent, through the use of residual insecticides. Geo textile fabrics can be used as barriers to protect valuable vegetables and specimen ornamental plants. Also, landscape plants that are less attractive to grasshoppers can be used.

Geotextile fabrics have found increased use among vegetable gardeners as floating row covers to protect plants. These fabrics are light enough to permit needed sunlight and air circulation to occur within plants that are covered, yet strong enough to provide a barrier to many insects.

NYC GrassHopper Control

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