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How to get rid of Moths

Clothing Moths and Indian Meal Moths – Two pests, same problem

how to get rid of moths

Clothes Moth

Moths have been creating problems in our society since forever. No we are not talking about the flying insects which go crazy after seeing a light bulb. They are also called moths but they don’t have any intention of troubling humans. We are talking about the tiny pests which live in dark and warm areas of our homes and destroy our clothes and food.

These moths are much smaller and shy than their bigger namesakes. They live in the warm confines of woolen or silk clothes and eat the fabric. These are known as clothes moth. They are very hard to detect as they prefer to stay in dark corners and run away as soon as they detect anyone approaching. Come winters and we all put out our favorite sweaters, hats and scarves to shield ourselves from the harsh weather. But many times, you must have noticed holes in the clothing. If you have also been caught off-guard by the presence of these annoying things, then you are not alone. Millions of people across America become victim of cloth moths every year.


Most people think that moths eat the cloth, but that’s not true.

In fact, grown moths are not even capable of chewing on clothes. What destroys the fabric is the larva of these insects which hatch on the cloth and destroys it. The larva can eat on any kind of animal fabric like wool, fur or silk, but sometimes, it can also damage cotton and other kind of fabrics. Apart from our clothes, moths can also destroy our food. These kind of moths are known as Pantry moths or Indian Meal moths. They live in the dark and warm shadows of kitchen cabinets and shelves and ruin the food by slipping into it. They generally damage uncooked stored food like flours, nuts, seeds, rice etc.

How to protect yourself from moths?

All moths including Indian meal moths and clothing moths love to live in dirty, dark and humid places where nobody disturbs them for long periods. So, the best way to avoid them is to keep cleaning your closets, cupboards and kitchen cabinets regularly. At least once a month, take out everything and clean the storage area with a vacuum cleaner. This will ensure that no dust particles are left in there as moths love dirty and dusty places. If you plan to keep some outfits in the storage for a long period of time, then make sure that you store it properly. As far as possible, store the expensive cloths in a box or zipped plastic bags. Just hanging the clothes or putting them on a shelf will be an open invitation to cloth moths. Also, don’t forget to put a bunch of Naphthalene balls in the bag or box in which you are storing the clothes. This will repel cloth moths. The vapors from these balls are lethal to the moths, but only when they are stored in confined and limited area.

To ensure that you don’t have Indian meal moths, try to keep your kitchen as clean and dry as you can. While cooking, a lot of steam and moisture gets accumulated in the kitchen which becomes a breeding ground for moths. Also, keep all the stored food items in air tight containers. Food moths slip inside food containers and ruin it. So a tight closed container will ensure that they stay out.

These days, many people also use plastic bags to store food in the kitchen. But this is not recommended as bags can be easily penetrated. You can also keep aromatic herbs and oils in the cabinets to repel Indian meal moths. Another trick is to soak some cotton in eucalyptus oil and put it on the corners of kitchen shelves and cupboards. This will keep the pantry moths away.

How to get rid of Moths?
If you already have moths in your closet and/or in your kitchen, then get ready for a hard and long battle. It is difficult to get rid of these pests. To get rid of Indian meal or pantry moths, you must first clean your kitchen and get rid of all the things that you think have been spoiled by the moths. It would be wise to not to drain out the container in the garbage bin as the moth can escape while you do that. As far as you can afford, throw away the entire packed container out of the house. Then, do a thorough cleaning of your kitchen with vacuum cleaner. Again, try not to dispose the dust in the vacuum inside the house as it will just start another cycle of infestation.


What an UGLY butterfly

After vacuuming, wipe all the cupboards with an effective cleaning solution.
Clean each and every inch of your kitchen. A solution of water and vinegar is very effective in case of pantry moths. Leave the kitchen to dry before putting everything back in the cabinets. To get rid of cloth moths, you a will have to make sure that your closet is completely clean. Take the clothes out from time to time and open them. Make sure that they get plenty of air before you put them back. Also, don’t let your closet get damp and humid at any cost.

Another trick is to bring the clothes out after sometime and put them in direct sunlight for some time. The heat of the sun will kill all the moths and larva. If you can’t get natural sunlight, then running the clothes through dryer will also work. But even after all these measures, you still have moth problem in your home, then the best option is to call Beyond Pest Control. Our pest control services will eliminate this problem forever. They can ensure that all moths including Indian meal moths and clothing moths are eliminated from every nook and corner of your home. If you require more information about How to get rid of Moths please take a moment and explore the rest of our or visit our


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How to get rid of Moths