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wood peckers


WoodPeckers, Woodpeckers have a slender body, powerful beak, and protrusile tongue, which is sharp, barbed, and pointed, and covered with a glutinous secretion derived from glands in the throat. The tail is stiff and serves as a support. when the birds are clinging to the branches or stems of trees. Woodpeckers are very widely distributed, but abound chiefly in warm climates. They are solitary in habit, and live naturally in the depths of forests; but as they have become accustomed to man, they are now numerous in cultivated fields.

Damage: Drumming causes noise nuisance and holes on home exteriors, especially cedar and natural wood siding. Occasionally flickers and other woodpeckers eat bright-colored berries and fruits leaving stains on sidewalks and driveways through their droppings.Tree Damages,Healthy trees are seldom damaged. Woodpeckers follow insects that follow disease into dead and dying wood.

Life Cycle:  It takes less than 1 year for a Woodpecker to be ready to have babies. In the spring and early summer is when they start having babies. Each egg takes 12 days to hatch and they stay with their parents for about a month. Each nest usually has 4-5 eggs.

Most woodpeckers make their nests in dead trees.  The red-cockaded woodpecker is the only one that bores holes in live trees.  While it will sometimes nest in other pine trees, it prefers to make its home in longleaf pine trees. The woodpeckers prefer old trees.

Wood cockroach

Wood peckers

Control: Woodpeckers can be removed only with a permit specifying trapping or shooting as the control method. Other methods that are sometimes suggested include feeding suet to the woodpecker in the hope of discouraging damage. Placing nest boxes on nearby buildings, poles, or trees has also been advised. However, research shows that placing food or nesting boxes in the area does not consistently reduce the problem. These methods may, in fact, attract more woodpeckers.

Repellents, such as silhouettes, effigies, mirrors, mylar tape can be effective. However, it should be known that woodpeckers can stop damaging a structure at any time for unknown reasons. Recent research has suggested that mylar tape works the best among visual repellents. Hang 3 foot strips along the affected area you wish to protect.


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