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The Importance of hiring a pest control expert rather that doing the job yourself

Pests really are a common problem in most people’s homes. No matter how clean we keep our homes, pests find their way inside time and again. Insects like cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, and animal like rats can create a lot of nuisance in and around our homes, shops, warehouses etc.



These days, big cities like NYC and London are fighting various pest problems too.Different kind of pests spread for different reasons. For example, bed bugs can spread through people as they get stuck on their luggage and clothes and travel from one place to another. On the other hand, termites can spread through the ground or through infected wood. If a person has termites in their walls and they share a wall with another house, then the other house might get termites too.

Other pests like cockroaches and rats love the dark and they really love messy places. They love to hide in the dark spaces where they get enough of food and shelter to survive. But no matter which kind of pest are you talking about, they all have one thing in common; They are extremely hard to get rid of and if you neglect them long enough they can become a bigger problem than anybody can handle. Calling a pest control expert is they way to go if you want to rid yourself of any type of vermin that has infested your home.



Problems that are caused by pests: Different kinds of pests will affect your health and your home in different ways. The following are some major troubles that you might face to have pests in your home:

Diseases: Rats, moths, cockroaches etc carry germs and bacteria which might cause various diseases. Rats carry many harmful bacteria such Leptospirosis which can cause various health problems like fever, jaundice, diarrhea, rash etc. Or worst, they can spread deadly diseases like Plague in your house. Similarly, moths can spoil your food which, if consumed, can make you sick. Cockroaches also do the same thing. Bed bugs on the other hand, don’t cause any serious problems, but can leave your skin itchy and red. Especially now NYC has been hit hard by bed bugs and they are everywhere. Sad but true.

• Damage to Property:Pests such as rats and termites can cause serious damage your home and assets. Rats, as we all know, can chew on your clothes, furniture, upholstery and burrow in the walls and beams of your house. They can also chew down critical electrical wires which might cause serious accidents. Termites probably do the most serious damage to the structure of a house. They can eat up all the wood in the house and can even weaken the foundation of a structure.

• Disturbance in daily life: Pests can take away your peace of mind. Bed bugs can ruin your nights by their constant biting which itch profusely. Rats and cockroaches make your home their playground during the night which is an added trouble in itself. All this can create major nuisance in your life.

Dung Beetlese

Dung Beetles Damage

•Danger to your loved ones: Do you have pets or little babies in the house? Then, having pests like cockroaches, bees, fleas etc. can cause serious trouble for them. Since, both babies and pets remain in close contact with the floor (babies crawl and play on the floor), the germs from pests can transfer to them and make them sick. Also, bugs like fleas and bed bugs may bite them, causing serious discomfort to them. Due to all these reasons, you should never take the risk of neglecting a pest problem in the house.

If you notice the signs of any infestation in your home, you must immediately call a pest control expert. The following are some signs of pest infestation in your home:

• Scratchy noises in the night.

• Tiny red spots you and your pet’s skin which itch badly

• Tiny droppings in the house which might be from rats

• Holes in your clothes and other fabric around the house

•Tiny bits of paper, food or wood shavings on the floor that you can’t explain

These and many other signs should be taken seriously.

Dung Beetlese

Pest Management

Never neglect an infestation as it will only aggravate the problem. Some people think that they can get rid of the pest by themselves and they don’t need a professional to do the job. But in the process, they either end up harming themselves or fail to do a thorough job. We advise you to call a professional to do the job properly. Here at Beyond Pest Control we make it our business to rid you of all pests that are in your home, which in return gives you a better night’s sleep. A professional pest control service can get rid of all your worries in no time.

In order to ensure a successful pest control treatment, one must get rid of each and every sign of that pest from the house. If even one or two specimens of pests are left, the problem can return pretty quickly and you will be back to square one. Plus, as an amateur, you don’t have the right knowledge about how to use the pest control equipment. Some people think that if they have the right accessories and tool to exterminate a particular pest, they can get rid of it. But the truth is that it is extremely important to know how to use the tool efficiently. Otherwise, you might end up doing harm to yourself and your house.

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You don’t have to deal with any strong chemicals or set up any traps. The expert exterminators we employ at Beyond Pest Control will do an inspection, evaluate your home and create a plan as to how to get rid of the infestation in your home. Always check whether the service you choose uses eco-friendly ways of extermination or not.

We at Beyond Pest Control offer a variety of eco-friendly products. It is very important as the eco-friendly pest control ensures safety and health of your family and is also the responsible thing to do; after all, you don’t want to harm the environment, do you? Call us here at Beyond Pest Control and stop worrying and take the right action. Kick all the unwanted guests out of your house.

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