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Sand Fleas

Sand Fleas are one tenth of an one millimeter in size long.Sand Fleas has an antennae that is an inch longer that its waxy white body.

Sand Fleas

Sand Fleas

Sand Fleas reside in the sand during the warm weather, attacking anything that would be 10 inches of the ground such as a beach goer’s legs. A beach goer can spot a bunch of bites around their ankles while looking for seashells.

The larva, or immature stage, reaches ½ – ¾ inch in length when mature, and bears a flat, mottled, elongate, and soft body. When disturbed, larvae can move forward or backward quite rapidly.

Both larvae and adults feed mainly on other insects; thus, they are considered beneficial. Snakeflies are not normally known to harm people or to damage houses or their contents. Some folks, however, have apparently received painful bites from the larvae.

Life Cycle : Sand Fleas have a complete metamorphosis, with four stages in their life history: egg, larva,pupa, and adult.

The larval period lasts at least one year, and in most species two or three years. The larvae live under the bark of trees, or forestfloor or in the top layer of soil. Snakefly larvae are predators, caterpillars and the larvae of wood-boring. The larvae of a few species are found in rock crevices. The number of larval instars is not fixed.

The prepupal stage is always a short period of a 3-5 days duration only.Pupation takes place in spring and lasts from a few days up to 3 weeks. In very few species pupation takes place in summer and after a pupal stage of a 3-5 weeks, the adults hatch in late summer.

Sand Flea bite can be seen as a little red spot or bump on the skin. As they are known to spread infections like mosquitoes, it is important that treatment must be taken. Like parasites, they attach themselves to their host, piercing into the skin and feeds off the blood of the host. The female Sand Fleas are most dangerous compared to the males and they do not die right after mating.

home through the tiny holes in your screen doors and windows. If you have been camping, you have seen the small mesh that lines the windows and doors of the tent to prevent insects from entering.

Sand Fleas Bite

Sand Fleas Bite

Exclusion: Flies can be kept outside of homes by the use of window and door screens. Make sure screens are tight fitting and without holes. Keep doors closed, making certain there are no openings at the top or bottom. And check for openings around water or gas pipes or electrical conduits that feed into the building. Caulk or plug any openings. Ventilation holes can also serve as a route for flies to enter a building. Ventilation is necessary to keep adequate air circulation in a building, but use screening to exclude flies.

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