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Pest Control Industry Turning to Green Methods to eliminate Pest Problems

green methods

Eco Smart

Industry Demands for more and Greener ways to control pests In New York and New Jersey.

Environmentally friendly or “green” exterminating services or greener services, dubbed integrated pest management, are popping up across the country. Companies like Beyond Pest Control Inc., who works with residential, industrial and commercial clients, is in high demand for these eco-friendly services. Even using methods that include steaming for insects such as Bed Bugs and Vacuuming for roaches also reducing the amount of rodenticides by using IPM (intergraded pest management) in other words sealing the hole that mice are traveling thru rather the just providing a temporary path by just using poison.

Traditional pest control companies run around spraying harmful pesticides. We’re using traps to find out where there are animals, insects and other pests and we seal holes and areas to prevent them from entering building structures. We try as much as possible to use as little pesticide as possible.

green methods

Eco Smart

We are not newcomers to this our products are university-tested and field-proven technology has provided natural pest control solutions to the markets for many years. Alternatives to conventional insecticides for leading commercial pest control services. First, our products have a unique mode of action that targets systems which exist in insects only. That means that our active ingredients which work on insects are harmless to mammals, birds and fish.


We use food grade pesticides which mean they can be ingested by humans and their pets without harm.

Instead of using harmful chemicals, we investigate how and why pests infiltrate a building structure. Then we rely on detergent, water, steamers, proofing, vacuum cleaners and low-or no-toxicity products to fight the specific problem. Beyond Pest Control Inc. avoids using highly toxic methods.

““Probably the best product out there is a door sweep when it comes to mice and rats”, said Tom Green, president of the Integrated Pest Management Institute North America Inc., in Wisconsin, referring to vinyl strips installed on the bottoms of doors and other entries to a structure. A mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime in diameter. So if you’ve got a quarter-inch gap underneath your door, as far as a mouse is concerned, there is no obstacle its like the door is not even there. Or have you considered silicone to close of gaps where roaches harbor.

green methods

green method

About two-thirds of the 400 exterminating companies that responded to a survey by Pest Control Technology magazine last year claimed to offer some sort of integrated pest management services and we are included in that list. We use nature’s natural made insecticides. The pesticides that Beyond Pest Control uses are as harmful to us as salt. It’s a better approach to pest control for the health of the home, the environment and the family, said Cindy Mannes, a spokeswoman for the National Pest Management Association, the trade organization of the $6.4 billion exterminating industry.


““Most consumers are not aware that green services even exist”,

She cautioned that each of the approximately 18,000 U.S. pest control companies may describe their integrated services differently. We see it as using the least amount of pesticides possible, while getting the best final results. These integrated pest management services are a little more expensive because they are more labor intensive, but the result is healthier living by using fewer pesticides. Green pest control products are in serious demand. Natural pest controls are the fastest-growing part of our industry. We were looking for different ways to make things a little different. It’s been very effective. We’re happy with the results and so are our customers.

green methods

green method

TThe pesticide manufacturing industry is really working hard to bring new products to market that are much less or non toxic. The EPA is banning the truly harmful chemicals of yester year. Progress is coming. There will always be situations where pesticides are needed but we need to know when they can be avoided. Especially in cases of infants, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems.

Of course not all customers want or require these green services that’s why we do offer traditional methods of control for insects and rodents. But the option is always open for green pest control.


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