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A Happy Customer

I was absolutely mortified and ashamed when I first realized I might have bed bugs. For several weeks I thought the itchy red welts on my arms and legs were mosquito bites. But now that I found the shells of three tiny black insects near my bed, another explanation reared its ugly head.Bed bugs!! So I started to do my research online. What I read about these nasty little creatures (and how difficult, exhausting, and expensive it is to remove them) only scared me more. I needed to figure out what my next step was going to be.

I came across the Beyond Pest Control website. The reputation this company has and the abundance of information they have on their site was all I needed. I gave them a call and I spoke to Ernest, one of the owners of the company. He said he could come and inspect my apartment that very day. When he arrived, he carefully examined my bed and the little specimen insects I’d taped to a card.

I was amazed and delighted when he told me that they weren’t bed bugs after all, but a type of small beetle. That was by far the best decision I’ve made. His came out and treated my house, and fingers crossed I have not seen anything since. I am thankful that I called them, they really put my mind at ease and I can now have a good night sleep.

I’m so glad it was this company I called first because, as nervous as I was, I’m sure I was prime candidate for a scam. It would have been all too easy for someone to confirm my worst fears and commit me to a home treatment that would not only have turned my apartment upside down but cost me a lot of money.

So thank you, Ernest! You not only saved me money, but also time, trouble, and turmoil. And if I ever again have reason to believe I have bed bugs (and who knows what the next few years will bring?) Beyond Pest Control will definitely be the first call I make.

Beyond Pest Control.

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