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Almost instinctively I knew that moving to New York City was going to be so much fun, and so I got in my car and drove clear across the country from California to the Big Apple.  I’m 27 and just got into NYU and my excitement level was through the roof.  Coming from a small home, me, my dad, and my mother, I was somewhat scared but that didn’t take the urge away from me.  It took about a week for me to get there and eighteen motels later I arrived.  New York was gorgeous and I was so happy to be here.

Here I was In the Big Apple and it was just like I pictured it, grand and beautiful, I arrived at my apartment on Prince Street, a town by the name of Soho and it was a cute little place.  I was exhausted and itchy from all the dirt in those motels, so the first thing I did was shower.  I felt better and so I began unpacking all of my things.  NYC was a lot of fun, I went around to see all the typical tourist sites and I even passed by this quaint little town by the name of Astoria in NYC, as I was walking around I noticed a big sign that said Bed Bugs, roaches and I think the name was Beyond Pest Control, Beyond Pest control I took down the number you know, after all this is NYC and the www.NYpest website and continued walking home.

Later that day I was at a friend’s house I was picking at my legs, lately I have developed this rash and my friend, who was a nurse in a local NYC hospital asked to take a look at the rash.  I allowed her to look and she told me that it wasn’t a rash and she had a lot of patients who had the same thing I had, turns out they were bed bugs and thankfully I had the number to Beyond Pest Control and made an appointment with them to come in and check out the problem.  A day later I had a crew of guys steaming and fumigating my apartment for bed bugs, they said I must have picked them up at the motels I was staying at.  Thank you Beyond Pest Control for getting rid of my bed bugs.   Honestly I didn’t think that bed bugs were that big of a problem, considering I have never had them but they are way worse than roaches and so I needed to call the Bed bug guys and now I couldn’t be any happier.  Thanks to them I am officially bed bug free and roach free.  Let’s just say that I am bug free!  Now I can begin having the best time of my life at New York University without and kinds of nasty bugs.  I even made up a poem for the Bed bug GUYS!!

Bugs, I hate Bugs
Bugs drive me crazy, crazy, I was crazy once
They locked me up in a little room
Then the bugs came, bugs! I hate bugs! Bugs drive me crazy!!


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