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The Mishandle of Pesticides

While all residents in the United States are dealing with the reappearance of bedbugs, authorities are fussing over the mishandling of harmful pesticides.


Banned Pesticides

The reappearance of bedbugs that has spread across the U.S. has homeowners taking extreme measures to eliminate the steadfast bloodsuckers. There are some people that are relying on unsafe outdoor pesticides and questionable exterminators.The magnitude of bedbug infestations is so high that it has been unseen in over half-century.

The problem we are facing now as opposed to half-century ago is that bed bugs have essentially become resistant to the common pesticides we are using now. Due to this problem, most homeowners are turning to unsafe chemicals that may harm the central nervous system, irritate eyes and skin and may even cause cancer.

Cities in the U.S that are facing the most infestations are now pleading with EPA to support the indoor use of the pesticide propoxur, which the agency considers a probable carcinogen and was banned for use in homes. There are about 25 states that are supporting this request for an emergency exemption.

The EPA has already rejected their request. However they said it would consider new information on it. During this time, authorities all around the country have blamed house fires on people misusing all kinds of highly flammable lawn and garden chemicals in their fight against bedbugs. Experts also forewarn that some products such as bug bombs, cedar oil and other natural oils that claim to be deadly but simply cause the bugs to spread out of sight and go into hiding, they hide in cracks in walls and floors.


Banned Pesticides

It’s hard to imagine the lengths of what some people may go to rid themselves of these bedbugs. So it’s understandable why these folks are taking matters into their own hands. The only issue is that the average person is not properly educated in such matters and about such chemicals that are doing more harm than good.

Bedbugs used to be a common household pest centuries ago; it seemed as if they had vanished in the 1940s and ’50s with the prevalent use of DDT. Unfortunately DDT was banned in 1972 as it was way too toxic for wildlife, especially birds. Exterminators nowadays carry fewer weapons in their arsenal as opposed to just a few years ago when there was a law placed that requires older pesticides to be re-evaluated based on more strict health standards. That re-evaluation led to the restrictions on propoxur and other pesticides.

Banned Pesticides

Banned Pesticides

Even though propoxur is still being used in cat and dog collars, it remains banned for use in people’s homes due to risk of nausea, dizziness and blurred vision in children. The reason why it’s no longer used in homes is because kids crawl on the floor and put their fingers and their toys in their mouths.

People are liable to get bedbugs by visiting homes and/or hotels that have a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs hide in mattresses, pillows, curtains, etc. Bed bugs are great hitchhikers and will climb onto bags, clothing and luggage. After bed bugs were discovered this past summer in a movie theater in Times Square and also in some upscale clothing stores, New York City started a $500,000 public awareness campaign.

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