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Rat mites

Rat mites (Ornithonyssus bacoti) A mite found on rats and in their nests can produce a rash like that from bird mites. When controlling rats in a building, whether a home, factory, or storage center, first destroy any nests that may be present. Otherwise, the nests of rats that have been trapped or poisoned may be the source of mites, which having been left without their hosts.

Rat mites

Rat mites

Rat mites are small, approximately the size of the period at the end of this sentence. They move actively and can be picked up with a wet finger, brush or piece of sticky tape. Distinguishing between different species of Ornithonyssus mites to determine whether birds or rodents are the likely source is difficult and requires special expertise. The first course of action when faced with biting mite problem is to look for all potential bird or rodent sources.

Rat mite infestations occur in structures where rat nests are located. Infestations are sometimes first noticed following extermination, or after the natural hosts have died or left the structure. Infestations may also occur where heavy mite infestations have developed around a rodent or bird nest.

Life Cycle: This mite will feed on humans even when rats are present, causing painful bites, intense itching and dermatitis. Barely visible, they are bright red to black with white markings and are usually noticed on walls in basements, kitchens, bathrooms and where rats are found. Mites drop from their host after each blood meal and can survive several days without feeding.

Damage : The bite is painful, causing intense itching and a skin irritation known as rat-mite dermatitis. This mite has not been proven to be a transmitter of typhus or other diseases, although its habits appear to suit it well for such a role. Attacks on humans are almost always associated with rats in buildings, and complaints are common from areas that may be infested with rats, such as warehouses, stores, theaters and apartments. Rat control may intensify the attack on humans, but this mite will bite humans even when there is an abundance of host rats on which they can feed. The mite drops from its host after each feeding and may be found on a variety of surfaces near rat-infested areas. It can survive for several days without a blood meal.

Control : The key to rat mite control is the elimination of the host rats. You must exterminate the rats before control of the mites is possible. Control of the rat mite is not difficult if one keeps in mind its habits. Washable surfaces can be rinsed down with water and some detergent. Other areas may have to be vacuumed to pick up the little creatures.

Rat mites

Rat mites

After a vacuum has been used, the bag should be removed, sealed inside of a plastic bag, and disposed of in the rubbish. Occasionally, it is necessary to spray a rat’s nesting area in order to kill the mites. All necessary safety precautions should be taken if an insecticide is used in a dead air space such as an attic.

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