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Least Skipper Moth

Least Skipper Moth is a weak flyer often found flitting about in low grass and foliage the eastern United States.

Least Skipper Moth

Least Skipper Moth

Least Skipper Moth Antennae are short. Upperside of forewing is orange with a wide, diffuse black border at the outer margin; hindwing is yellow-orange with a wide black margin. Underside of forewing is black with orange borders at the tip and leading edge; hindwing is yellow-orange.

Least Skipper Moth moist or wet open places with tall grasses such as ditches, marshes, slow streams, also hillsides or old fields with tall grasses.

Life Cycle:Least Skipper Moth Females lay their eggs singly on the host plant. The pale yellow eggs will soon form an orange-red ring round the middle. The larvae make a nest by rolling up a single blade of grass or by using silk to tie together multiple leaves. Least Skipper Moth larva is grass green with four white pairs of distinct wax glands along the subventral area of the abdomen. The head is either brown or tan and is usually darker in the center.

Least Skipper Moth

Least Skipper Moth

Least Skipper Moth collar has a white stripe and a black stripe. The cream pupa has brownish colored markings. It overwinters as a larva in the third or fourth instar.It has 2–4 broods per year.

Flower nectar from low growing plants such as wood sorrel, swamp verbena, pickerelweed, chickory, and white clover. Habitat: Moist or wet open places with tall grasses, marshes, ditches, slow streams, hillsides, or old fields with tall grasses.

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