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It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs. Pet Safety is Priority # 1

Recently behavioral scientists have figured out that almost all dogs are equal in smarts to most two year old children.



The report never said anything about cats because the cats refuse to take the test, figures. Knowing cats they probably never even showed up. Yet it doesn’t matter, whether as dog owners or cat owners, we love them and want not only the best for them and to protect them to be our companions for as long as they may live.

Our technology provides an environmentally friendly solution that allows us to exterminate only the targeted pests with no residuals to harm children or pets. Here at Beyond Pest Control we strive to offer effective, environmentally-friendly products to exterminate pests and alleviate threats posed by household insecticides. We wish to create a clean and safe home environment.

There’s a certain couple on the upper west side of Manhattan that gave their dog her own bedroom and full sized bed. I could only imagine what would happen if fleas ever hit their home or heaven forbid like some allot of Long Island homes that are hit by ticks and I can assure you it happens often. Or what about mice and rats invading your home and putting your pets in jeopardy in more ways than one. Here at Beyond Pest Control we are flea and tick specialists.



We ensure that we will eradicate any pests you may have bothering you and/or your pets. We ensure they are in tiptop shape for their own comfort and our peace of mind.

We, at Beyond Pest Control, want you and your pet to be happy and bug-free, so we created this website to give you information about your pet and safe ways to keep your pet safe.

We want to assure you that at Beyond Pest Control we care about your pets almost as much as you do since we are pet owners ourselves. We want for our cats and dogs the same things you do. We could never even think of doing anything to jeopardize our pets and we feel the exact same way about yours.



At Beyond Pest Control we love cats and dogs, birds, turtles whichever pet makes your heart sing. We carry the best, safe pet products and organic pest control products available to fight the invaders that are making your pet miserable.


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