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Albino Cockroach

Albino Cockroaches are flat, quick-moving insects that are active at night. They prefer to hide in cracks and crevices during the day. Under good conditions, cockroaches can reproduce rapidly. Female cockroaches place 18 to 30 eggs within a protective covering or egg case called an ootheca, which is later deposited in a protected location. A single female may produce 4 to 20 oothecae during her lifetime.

Albino Cockroach

Albino Cockroach

Albino Cockroaches have a flattened oval shape, spiny legs, and grow long, filamentous antennae.Immature stages are smaller, have undeveloped wings and resemble adults. about 1-1/2 to 2-inches long, and have wings capable of flight. Males and females are about the same size. The wings are about the same length as the body (abdomen) in the females and longer in the males, extending slightly beyond the abdomen.

All newly molted cockroaches are white. Over the next several hours after ecdysis (molt), the wings and body gradually tan and acquire the characteristic color and pattern of the species.Although various mutants, including albino and white-eyed mutants, are occasionally found in lab colonies, they are extremely unlikely to be found outside the lab.

Life Cycle:Albino Cockroaches deposit eggs in groups of 20 to 50 in a leathery case or capsule called an ootheca. Usually, the ootheca is dropped or glued to a surface by the female as soon as it is formed. However, the German cockroach carries its egg case. It can be seen protruding from the female’s body until the eggs are ready to hatch.When cockroach nymphs hatch from eggs, they resemble the adults in shape, except that they are much smaller and lack wings. Nymphs shed their skin several times, increasing in size each time before molting into an adult.

Depending on the kind of cockroach, the wings vary from being longer than the body to being small pads.Newly molted cockroaches are soft and white, but harden and darken in color rapidly. Normally, cockroaches molt in protected areas, but in serious infestations, they may be seen in the open.Small cockroaches often produce six to eight generations a year with 30 to 48 eggs per case. Larger cockroaches usually produce one to three generations per year with 10 to 28 eggs per case. All cockroaches are most active at night.

Damage: The Albino Cockroach live in the bark of dead pine stumps and logs, in tree cavities, and under palmetto leaves on the ground. Occasionally, they enter homes on the ground floor. Since they do not survive well indoors, they do not cause serious problems.Adults are about 1 inch long and distinctively pale green in color. Nymphs are dark brown. The Albino cockroach is an outdoor tropical species found in the Newyork,Newjersey,Connecticut. Adults live on plant leaves and nymphs live in leaf litter and debris.

Albino Cockroach

Albino Cockroach

Controls: Albino Cockroach can initially infest a structure when infested grocery bags are brought inside. Inspect groceries for cockroaches before storing. Keep grocery bags in outside storage areas.Cockroaches breed prolifically in corrugated cardboard boxes. Discard unnecessary boxes immediately.Keep doors and windows shut. Keep screens in good repair to prevent cockroaches from entering your home. Check attic vents and make sure that large openings around outside drainage lines and sewer vents are screened or sealed. Use tightly packed steel wool as a temporary filler until openings can be sealed properly.

Caulk cracks and gaps around doors and windows to help prevent cockroaches from entering your home.Children can transport cockroaches from school to home in bookbags and lunch containers. Inspect these items regularly.Dwellings, such as apartments, that are separated by a common wall are particularly difficult situations. An infestation can migrate between apartments via the plumbing encased in a common wall. Therefore, cockroaches from one apartment can easily migrate to another apartment, infesting a “clean” dwelling. To help prevent this, caulk holes in common walls and around plumbing.

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