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Asian Cockroach

Exterminating Cockroaches is a specialty of Beyond Pest Control.

Asian cockroach, Asian cockroach elimination

Asian Cockroach

Asian cockroach is the most recent cockroach species introduced (circa 1980) into the United States, increasing the total number of species to 66. The Asian species is found throughout NYC and has the potential to spread to other temperate regions.

Asian cockroaches are almost identical to German cockroaches. Chemical analysis by gas chromatography will confirm the species. However, there are also slight morphological differences between B. asahinai and B. germanica. Asian cockroach adults have longer and narrower wings than those of German cockroaches.

There are also differences between the species in the shape of the male tergal glands. Asian cockroach females produce smaller egg capsules and nymphs are smaller than that of German cockroaches. Asian cockroach first instars have 23 antennal segments while German cockroach first instars have 24 to 25. Finally, margins of the abdomen and spots along the abdominal midsection of B. asahinai late instars appear white, whereas those areas are lightly pigmented in B. germanica.

Asian cockroach, Asian cockroach elimination

Asian Cockroaches

Asian cockroach adults are about ½ to 5/8 inch (13 to 16 mm) long, and light brown to tan in color, except for two dark longitudinal bands on the pronotum.

Asian cockroaches live primarily outdoors in leaf litter or grassy areas; they are very active fliers and are attracted to light. In contrast, German cockroaches live primarily indoors; they are very weak fliers, fluttering at best, and are repelled by light. Because Asian cockroaches are attracted to light, once they enter a structure, they move to areas of brighter light, giving the appearance of following occupants as they move through the building turning on lights.

Females may produce up to 4 egg cases in a lifetime, each case containing up to 45 young roaches.On average, it takes 67 days for an Asian nymph to reach adulthood.


Female Asian Cockroaches live for about 104 days, while males live about 50.Adults are most often seen during the spring and fall, while nymphs are more predominant in the summer and winter.


The Asian species can interbreed with German cockroaches, resulting in viable offspring that can fly. While interbreeding readily occurs in the laboratory, it rarely occurs to any appreciable extent in the field, primarily due to behavioral differences.

Asian cockroach, Asian cockroach elimination

Asian Cockroach Egg


Beyond Pest Control believes cleanliness is next to godliness. Living by this ancient proverb is the best way to avoid roaches. Keeping your home as clean as possible is the first step toward keeping cockroaches out. The kitchen and bathroom are main trouble spots for Sweep and vacuum often, particularly after meals. All food items should be sealed in plastics containers or kept in the refrigerator. Also remember that roaches are attracted to your pet’s food too. Cockroaches are attracted to damp areas and need water to survive. Water is even more important than food to roach survival. Avoid leaving standing water, whether in bathtubs or sinks. Cracks, corners, and crevices are cockroach’s favorite hiding spots. These areas should be caulked shut and sprayed carefully. Cockroaches are difficult to detect. It is important to spray your home regularly, even if you don’t see any roaches physically. A well thought out plan completed with professional help, regular treatments, and upkeep is the only ways to achieve success in your battle against these roaches

IF you have roaches depends on not only how clean and sanitary you keep your apartment but also how clean your neighbors are. Since apartments in the same line tend to have the same layout, and New York’s City’s Asian cockroaches travel along pipes and wires, you’re more likely to get invaded if someone living above or below you has them and your kitchens are touching. Roaches are attracted by food and water, but just washing your dishes and fixing leaky faucets isn’t going to keep them under control. We are pretty disgusting in nature and roaches love everything about us, from our backed-up drains to our overflowing trash cans. The bugs can live off paper, so recycle newspapers and boxes. And don’t line cabinets with contact paper: Roaches will eat the glue and use the area between the paper and the shelf to breed.

One notable tip is to avoid using products like raid. While raid is a great knockdown killer it’s not a great overall product for eliminating roaches, Consult a professional or find products that have a great residual. Meaning that after it dries it will continue to kill.

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