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Bark Cockroach

Bark Cockroach Laxta granicollis, is a species of Blaberidae that occurs in Australia. Description The female of this species lacks wings while the male is winged.

Bark Cockroach

Bark Cockroach

The male is 1 inch (25 mm) and female is inch (19 mm) in length. The two sexes differ so greatly in appearance that they once were described as two species. It is dark brown or grey brown. Males have pale edge to the thorax and are winged.

Females have broader body, and are wingless. It is a communal insect living in small colonies. They use scent to communicate with each other. The young have broad fringe around their bodies and are referred to as trilobite roaches because of their appearance.

The adults look the same except with fully developed wings. Bark cockroaches found under bark or under rotting logs in forests, woodlands and heathland.

Life Cycle:Female cockroaches produce small egg capsules that contain from 6-33 eggs. In most species, the female hides the capsule soon after it is formed. the female carries the egg capsule until the eggs are ready to hatch. Young cockroaches–called nymphs–begin feeding soon after they hatch.

Bark Cockroach

Bark Cockroach

They feed on the same material as adults, and they look like adults except for size and the absence of wings. After shedding their skins several times to grow larger, they become winged adults. Adult cockroaches live for a few months to more tahn a year, depending on species. They mate several times.


Baits Cockroach baits contain an insecticide (or pathogen) plus an ingredient to attract the cockroach. Baits are packaged as easy-to-use containers which are placed in areas of known cockroach activity. Insecticides available as baits are hydramethylnon (Combat), sulfluramid (Raid Max) and avermectin (Roach Ender).

Control: Place all foods or edible material in tightly sealed containers. Do not overlook pet food. Remove trash on a regular basis. Clean up all areas where spilled food and crumbs may accumulate, for example, under stoves,refrigerators and behind cupboards.

Bark Cockroach

Bark Cockroach

Remove or cover wet mops or rags and repair leaking pipes and faucets. Many roach species need a source of water. Without water, species such as the German cockroach will die in a few days. Eliminate hiding places. Caulk and seal any cracks or crevices roaches may hide in. Openings as small as 1/16 of an inch is enough for a roach harborage. Remove clutter such as stacked paper and boxes that provide shelter.

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