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Black Mississippi Cockroach

Black Mississippi Cockroach (Periplaneta brunnea) is a large species of cockroach, winged, and growing to a length of 1¼”-1½”. It is dark, reddish brown in colour.It is often mistaken for an American cockroach. It can be found in the southern United States.

Black Mississippi Cockroach

Black Mississippi Cockroach

males have cerci and styli while females have cerci. The cercus of the Black Mississippi Cockroach is stout and triangular in shape; whereas the American cockroach cercus is long and thin. The Black Mississippi Cockroach is found outdoors. It readily enters houses and is often called a palmetto bug.

The Black Mississippi Cockroach is found from eastern Texas to Florida. They build up large populations in some areas. They live outdoors, but enter homes on occasion, and they often are transported into new areas with the movement of plant soil. Brown cockroaches can be found on the trunks of palm trees and in places such as sewers, crawl spaces, and garages.

Life Cycle:Egg capsules of the Black Mississippi Cockroach are over 1/2 inch long and contain an average of 24 eggs. They average 35 days from deposition to hatching. Nymphs. Nymphs mature in little over nine months. The antennal segments of the first nymphal stage are white both at the base and tips. Adults are associated with trees and feed on plant materials. This species has a somewhat yearly growth cycle.

Black Mississippi Cockroach

Black Mississippi Cockroach

Recent medical studies have shown that cockroach allergens cause lots of allergic reactions in inner city children. They were even shown to cause asthma in children. These allergens build up in deposits of droppings, secretions, cast skins, and dead bodies of roaches.


Control: Because the Brown cockroach is found outdoors, applications of insecticides to foundation plantings, wood piles, mulch, and other infested locations are recommended. Treatments placed to intercept cockroaches are both environmentally- and entomologically-sound. Residual barrier sprays have been shown to provide substantial reductions of Black Mississippi Cockroach populations around houses.

Power dusting of sewage lines, crawl spaces, false ceilings, wall voids, and trash chutes is an effective method of control. Space sprays, ULV treatment, or contact aerosols and sprays can be used in basements and utility rooms. Loose baits and other formulations better suited for damp locations can provide effective control in basements and similar areas.

  • Use pesticide formulations that are not readily absorbed by porous surfaces (concrete floors, bricks, stones, soil, etc.).
  • Apply them in cracks and crevices.
  • Apply pesticides as outside barriers or spot treatments when they can be safely used in areas of known infestation.
  • Use’ space sprays to quickly reduce large populations indoors.
  • Large bait stations are effective when properly placed in proper quantities.
  • A sex pheromone is available to attract males to traps.

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