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American House Spider

American House Spider are generly Yellowish brown color. The Long and slender with three claws on each tarsus and Streaked and spotted with grey, black and brown markings.The adults are about 2-17 mm length.

American House Spider

American House Spider

American house spider is the most commonly seen species of cobweb spider found around homes.Most cobweb spiders can be identified by their large,round, shiny abdomens, relatively thin legs, and their tendency to hang upside down in messy cobwebs that are attached to the structure by a few sticky threads..

American house spider seem to have no idea that they might become the prey of some other animal. If they are removed from their webs they are rather helpless because they have such poor vision, and their only concern seems to be to leave the uncomfortable place they find themselves in and find their own web or build another one. Should one somehow find such a spider on one’s hand, for example, its most likely reaction would be to hurry to the edge of one’s palm and drop off the edge, to let itself down to the floor on a safety line of silk. They do not wander around inside one’s house except to find a secure place to build a web.

American House Spider

American House Spider

Life Cycle :Females and juveniles make typical theridiid webs (tangle webs). Many individuals may occur in the same area and build nearly contiguous webs covering large areas of eaves, wall space, and window frames. Webs may be built both inside and outside of buildings; when inside, they are frequently a major contributor to the build-up of cobwebs.

Female lays 250 eggs in a brownish silky sac with a tough, papery cover, about 1/4 to 3/8 inch in diameter. It usually is placed in the middle of the web, but it may be moved to a warmer or cooler place. May be more than one sac in a web at the same time. May produce up to 17 sacs in a lifetime. Eggs hatch in 7-10 days; first stage spiderlings stay in sac until after first molt. Second instars come out, ballooning down; there are 6 or 7 molts to maturity. Adults live 1 year.

American House Spider

American House Spider

Preventing Spider Bites:Shake out clothing and shoes before getting dressed. Wear gloves when handling firewood, lumber, and rocks.Be sure to inspect the gloves for spiders before putting them on. Exercise care when handling cardboard boxes.

Insecticides: There are many labeled pesticides for spider control. Some are labeled for homeowner use, while others are labeled only for the licensed, certified pesticide applicator.

Control: Sanitation is important in the control of venomous spiders. The removal of piles of boxes, loose brick, wood, trash, clothing, or junk eliminates many favored hiding places. Caulking or otherwise tightening foundations helps prevent the entry of spiders into buildings

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