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Banded Garden Spider

Banded Garden Spider is the most common garden spider found in the eastern region of the united states NY, NJ, Connecticut.

Banded Garden Spider

Banded Garden Spider

Banded Garden Spider are 4 to 5 millimeters in length and their abdomens are mostly white. The immature banded garden spiders also have a mostly white dorsal surface of the abdomen. The egg cocoon is similar in texture and color as that of the yellow garden spider, but it is shaped more like a kettledrum.

Ground spiders are mostly nocturnal, ground-dwelling wandering hunters found in leaf litter, beneath rocks, and within and under decomposing wood. Silk is primarily used for making shelters and for enclosing egg sacs-not hunting. In the US ground spiders are not of medical concern.

Banded Garden Spider

Banded Garden Spider

Banded Garden Spider Life Cycle : Banded Garden Spider grow throughout the summer, reaching full-size in late August and September. The males, which are much smaller than the females and do not produce webs, roam around the vegetation and mate the females in late summer. The female then lays one or more egg sacks, that appear somewhat like a small kettle drum with a tough papery cover and may contain 1000 eggs apiece. The spiders die after frost and there is only one generation produced each year.

The tibia (long shaft of insect leg) has numerous spines. Research from South Carolina and Texas indicates two peaks in population: May to June and again in July to August. Light traps have been effectively used to detect and forecast field populations. Females oviposit near roots and pods by depositing single eggs in soil.

Controlling Banded Garden Spiders:Remove rocks, wood piles, compost piles, old boards, and other sheltering sites adjacent to the home. Eliminate migration of spiders into homes by caulking cracks and crevices around the foundation. Make sure all screens and doors are sealed tight. Keep crawl spaces free of debris and limit boxes and other potential hiding places from basements and other dark storage areas. Regularly vacuum or brush spider webs. The elimination of other insects that are prey can limit spider development.

Banded Garden Spider

Banded Garden Spider

First aid for spider bites:Treat the site of the bite with an antiseptic to prevent infection.Apply ice to the site of the bite to reduce pain and swelling. If a black widow or brown recluse spider is suspected, or if serious symptoms develop such as increasing pain or swelling, consult a physician.

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