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Funnel-web weavers or Grass spiders

Funnel weaver spiders, or grass spiders, are the most common spiders found in homes, particularly during late summer and early fall. They produce dense mats of silk in areas such as shrubs, thick grass, or corners of buildings. A central retreat (the base of the “funnel’) is usually used by the spider which then moves rapidly onto the web when prey enter onto it.

Funnel-web weaver

Funnel-web weaver

Funnel weaver spiders are generally brownish or grayish spiders with a body typically ranging from1/3 to 2/3-inch when full grown. They have four pairs of eyes that are roughly the same size. The legs and body are hairy and legs usually have some dark banding. They are often mistaken for wolf spiders (Lycosidae family) but the size and pattern of eyes can most easily distinguish them. Like wolf spiders, the funnel weavers are very fast runners.

The spiders spend much of their time at the entrance of the retreat. They rush out rapidly to capture insect prey that may land on the sheet web and become temporarily entangled. Once subdued, the prey may be eaten at the point of capture or dragged back into the area of the retreat where it is alternately crushed with the jaws and sucked dry of fluids.

Grass spider

Grass spider

Life Cycle :Life history varies a bit among the funnel weavers that occur in Colorado. The grass spiders appear to have a one-year life cycle, with eggs being the overwintering stage. Immature stages then develop in spring and summer. However, the appearance of adult stages during the year can vary.

males of Agelenopsis aperta are most abundant in June, July, and August suggesting that they mature early in the year. Agelenopsis pennsylvanica matures later, with males being found from August-October with a September peak. Numbers of adult females also peak in late summer and early autumn. Both sexes of this species frequently move into homes Hobo spider . Underside markings of a hobo spider (Tegenaria agrestis) female. with cooler weather in late summer, but do not successfully establish within buildings and all die out by winter. The egg sacs produced by these spiders are lens shaped and are tucked into the area of the retreat.

The life cycle of Hololena hola is less clear. Adult males are primarily present in September and October, although a few are seen in spring and early summer. Adult females are present year round, suggesting that life cycles extend more than one season and overlap. When found in homes the great majority of this species are males.

A life cycle that extends over more than one year is common with Tegenaria domestica. Both immature and adult stages can be found surviving the winter months. Peak numbers of adult males are present in June and July, indicating mating occurs at this time. Egg sacs are may be suspended about the web. In captivity they have been reported to live up to seven years and produce up to nine egg sacs. Adult spiders encountered in homes are most likely to be males, which wander considerably during summer.

Fishing Nursery Web Spider

Grass spider Sheet web produced

Preventing Spider Bites:Shake out clothing and shoes before getting dressed. Wear gloves when handling firewood, lumber, and rocks.Be sure to inspect the gloves for spiders before putting them on. Exercise care when handling cardboard boxes.

Insecticides: There are many labeled pesticides for spider control. Some are labeled for homeowner use, while others are labeled only for the licensed, certified pesticide applicator.

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