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Hobo Spider

Hobo Spider is a member of the spider family Agelenidae, found in the eastern region of the united states NY, NJ, Connecticut.

Banded Garden Spider

Hobo Spider

It is a brown spider about 1/4 to 5/8 inch in body length and lives in a funnel web. It has a brown cephalothorax the front body region where the legs are attached with darker brown markings and brown legs. The abdomen the second body region has a distinctive pattern of yellow markings on a grey background, although this pattern can be difficult to discern without the aid of a microscope or hand lens. Unlike many other similar-looking spiders, hobo spiders do not have dark bands like multiple arm bands on their legs.

Hobo spiders prefer to utilize habitats that have holes, cracks, or recesses to support their funnel-like webs. Although they prefer to build funnel -like webs, some will occasionally produce flat webs in less-suitable habitats. Hobo spiders are poor climbers and are rarely seen above ground level. Although some have been observed a few feet above floor level, most are seen running about on the floor.

Life Cycle : Hobo spiders will occur in the late summer and fall. Males are on the search for females, so they will be running everywhere in hopes of an encounter. When males enter a house, it is usually through ground level or below ground level openings. Hobo spiders rarely climb very high. For the rest of the year, spiders will build webs in moist, cool, outdoor environments.

Hobo Spider

Hobo Spider

Hobo spiders really do prefer to be outside in meadows and woodpiles. Occasionally, webs and egg cases will be constructed inside basements or crawlspaces. These webs are recognized by the characteristic funnel shape. Egg cases will be made during the fall through November.

Bite Symptoms: Hobo spider bites are most common from July to September when male spiders wander in search of females. Males generally have a more toxic bite than females, while immatures seem to cause the most serious bites.The symptoms of hobo spider bites vary considerably depending on the time of year. Bites from males in July to September usually result in necrotic lesions and systemic disturbances,but without serious protracted illness. Bites by females, usually in late October to November,do not normally cause necrotic lesions or systemic disturbances but result in a well-defined reddened area with a white pinpoint vesicle .

First aid for spider bites: Treat the site of the bite with an antiseptic to prevent infection.Apply ice to the site of the bite to reduce pain and swelling. If a black widow or brown recluse spider is suspected, or if serious symptoms develop such as increasing pain or swelling, consult a physician.

Control: Hobo Spiders are also excellent indicators of carpenter ant infestations as their webs are commonly near the house where ants forage, and become trapped. While elimination of some spiders is acceptable when they are an annoyance, wholesale elimination is ecologically unsound and results in more nuisance pests.

Hobo Spiders

Hobo Spiders

Prime habitat, such as tall or matted grass next to the house or fence, should be cut and/or removed and replaced with at least a 12-inch gravel edging. Cracks and deep cavities in rock walls should be filled with soil or cement. Lumber and firewood piles should be modified to eliminate cavities. Holes in the walls of the house for pipes or electrical lines should be sealed, as should the holes resulting from broken windows or screens, and ill-fitting doors. Always inspect fire-wood for spiders and their egg sacs.

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