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Wolf Spider

Wolf Spiders are large, hairy spiders which are usually patterned with a mixture of black, gray, and brown. Wolf spiders, especially large ones, look very similar to spiders in the Pisauridae family.

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are usually more robust, with shorter legs. Wolf spiders have 8 eyes. As with all spiders, wolf spiders have 8 legs, 2 body parts (cephalothorax and abdomen), and fang-like mouthparts called “chelicerae.

Wolf spiders are common in almost all terrestrial habitats, but are usually found in areas of shrubs or tall grass where a plentiful insect supply is available. They run over the ground or on plants in search of prey and pounce upon the victims with vigor and power. Wolf spider mothers carry their large egg sacs around with them. When the young spiderlings hatch they climb onto their mother’s back and ride around until partially grown.

Wolf spiders are active hunters that patrol the ground for insects, small spiders, and similar prey. They do not use webs to capture prey. Wolf spiders are perhaps the most common spiders and are found in all corners of the state and in virtually every habitat.They live by the thousands in leaf litter and grassy areas. Some wolf spiders build small burrows and defend a territory, others are free-roaming. Because they are so numerous, and such voracious predators, wolf spiders are a very important part of any ecosystem in which they occur.

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

Life Cycle :Simple metamorphosis: like all spiders, young wolf spiders hatch from eggs and look like tiny adults when they are born. A wolf spider sheds its skin several times as it grows to an adult. Most wolf spiders live for several years.

many species, female wolf spiders lay dozens of eggs at a time and wrap them in a large ball of silk. The female will then carry the egg sac on her abdomen until the spiderlings hatch. Upon hatching, the spiderlings will live on the mother’s back for a few weeks until they are large enough to hunt on their own.

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spiders Bite

Wolf Spider Bite Symptoms: The wolf spider is an aggressive hunter, but is generally shy and will run away when disturbed. If provoked, intentionally or otherwise, the wolf spider may bite out of fear. Wolf spiders are most often seen outside, running across the ground while hunting. They occasionally journey into the warmth of homes when the weather gets cold. Wolf spider bites are painful but not deadly. They can cause serious symptoms in some individuals.

Mild Bite Treatment: Mild wolf spider bites can be treated at home. The bite should not be bound or bandaged. Wash the wound with antibacterial soap and warm water. Elevate the wound, limit movement and gently place a sterilized ice pack over the bite to reduce swelling. If necessary, consult your physician regarding further treatment such as pain medication, antihistamines or antibiotics.

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