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Lone Star Tick

The lone Star tick is a very serious pest in that currently found it’s place in Long Island New York. This little pest is mainly a serious threat due to the fact that it is the prime carrier of Lyme disease and Long Island, New York is currently on high alert. The reason why Long Island, NY is on high alert is because of it’s predatory actions. The common deer tick is not as active because the Lone Star tick waits for the right prey to pass by whether it be human or animal, it is not necessarily picky. So Be very careful when you’re out and about.

Lone Star tick

Lone Star Tick

Essentially what this means is that Long Island’s safety zones in Parks, beaches, and woodlands have gotten increasingly smaller. In order for you to not bring home a tick is simply to stay away from high grassy areas, or similar because that would be where the ticks thrive, so if you take yourself away from this you most likely will not bring one home. Because now the large presence of this pest is large as well as it’s highly aggressive behavior, even areas that are normally supposed to be safe might not be because these pests will actively seek out a host to attach itself to it, and it will even travel all distances to do do.

The reason that this tick is names the Lone Star Tick is because of the silver and white spot that is present on the female’s back and the male has two spots on both sides. This pest is slowly coming up North from the South and is very active in the Spring and a lot of the summer.

Lone Star tick

Lone Star Tick

The adults appear outdoors around May and June. They way in which they enter homes is normally by way of flying through windows or crawling through cracks, even on your clothing when coming in from outside. Because these pests are so secretive they usually lay their larvae which can range from 30-100 eggs, inside of lint, and stored clothing. You usually don’t realize that they are even there until it is too late and they are in their adult stage.

This tick is known to spread Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in the Southern and Central part of the United States, this is why health officials are worried that Lyme disease is also a very possible threat by these little bloodsuckers.

Many communities out on Long Island are being warned to be careful to search yourself and protect yourselves from these ticks. Although, even if you don’t live in Long Island you should still be careful because these pests don’t simply host on humans but animals as well. The cases of Lyme disease out in Long Island have increase enormously, therefore make sure you check yourself and family as well as making your sure pets have flea and tick medication on them like Frontline or K-9 Advantix.

Lone Star tick

Lone Star Tick

If in any case a tick is found on you and has fastened itself onto your body make sure you save it and contact your Doctor right away because of the large spread of Lyme disease. Lyme disease, if discovered early enough can be very easily treated with antibiotics. Also this pest has larger mouth parts than the Deer tick so make sure you remove the entire tick if bitten because the infection and chance of contracting Lyme disease is very much still possible. Remember even though you live in NYC you should still be careful.

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