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The Tick

Today we will be discussing the ugly little bugs called ticks. As you all know ticks exist everywhere including New York City and here at Beyond Pest Control, we love our dogs & puppies, but then again so do the ticks.

Ticks are nasty little arachnid that can cause a host of diseases including Lyme disease and that’s a disease you as a human do not want! One can contract lyme disease from the bite of an infected tick. Some of the symptoms may include fever, headaches, fatigue and depression.and it leaves a circular rash on your skin. If left untreated it can cause long term joint and heart problems. Then there’s Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which is very difficult to diagnose, but again some of the symptoms can be; fever, Severe headache, muscle pain, nausea, lack of appetite and vomiting. Needless to say neither of these are any good. These are just two of the many diseases that a tick can spread. Both Humans and animals are very susceptible to these.

Tick Removal

Are these guys UGLY or what?

We here at Beyond Pest Control are proud to let you know how to spot and eliminate these ugly nasty bugs. Did you know that mating between these guys is usually on its host or YOU! After this happens the female then falls to the ground to lay her eggs or larvae and it can be up to 10,000 (wow those are a lot of bugs!) And depending on the temperature the eggs may take from several weeks or months to hatch. So watch out in the summertime because our furry friends are more at risk of getting these bugs during this time.

Much like all the other bugs we kill here at Beyond Pest Control we tend to use eco friendly bug pesticides which include things such as IGR’s and silica based gels and powders so that our second set of children such as our pets won’t get hurt and or ingest the chemicals that we have to use.

Now if you do see one of these bugs on your dog or yourself make sure you should avoid walking your dog in high grass areas during the summer because that is where they tend to live and thrive. Also, you might want to talk to you local vet about investing in frontline products just in case you are out of the city and are in a high grassy area.

Tick Removal

this is what they look like when they’re full of blood

Some chemicals involved in the killing of these bugs is Permethrin Pro which is a spray and many dog tick preventative collars contain it, it is highly effective in repelling and killing ticks, we here at Beyond Pest Control highly recommend it. If you happen to find a tick on your pet or yourself, make sure you remove it completely, and save it so when you take your pet to the Vet and yourself to the doctor they may be able to test it for Lyme disease. Also sprays are available, just contact us here at Beyond Pest Control , not only do we deal with bed bugs but we deal with all bugs! SO don’t hesitate to call because we are here twenty four hours a day seven days a week.


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