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Bee Control and Solutions

Controlling InfestationsAlthough bees are important components of the agricultural system by being pollinators, you will not to see them buzzling around your place. It can be challenging to remove bees and knowing how to completely get rid of them will depend on various factors.

It is important to determine first the kind of bee that you are dealing with. Bees found around homes are bumble, honey or carpenter bees. A lot of people mistake carpenters bees for bumble bees since they look them but getting rid of carpenter bees may not be similar to getting rid of the other bees.


Bees tend to scavenge for pollens. In fact, honey bees are likely to travel many miles from the hive every day as they look for food sources. As they primarily need pollens, bees get attracted to sweet foods. Such includes things such as soda, cream, juice and fruit. To reduce their appearance within your premise, such food sources must be removed. This can mean taking out your trash more often, reducing open food containers and cleaning out trash cans on a regular basis.

Removal Methods

Removal MethodsBee removal can be done through various treatment options that range from removing hives to using carpenter bee traps. Carpenter bee traps trick bees into going into a small hole in wood piece. The pests fall into an empty plastic bottle. For bee control, this is not very effective since it won’t treat the bee problem’s source. Also, beekeepers, entomologists and pest management professionals do not recommend this since beefs are essential pollinators and must be moved instead of killed. The best solution to controlling bees is to call a pest control New York. The professional has the essential protective gear and knows the right techniques that will work for the kind of bee flying near your place.

What Not to Do

Do not seal a honey bee colony’s exit hole. Like wasps, bees are expected to find another way out and this can be inside your house. Hives with honey must be removed professionally from the house. Failing to remove the hive before the decay of the wax, the result could result in structural damage. Also, it will attract other insects that will eat honey as the bees left. People, children and pets must not be around as you try to treat a bee issue and you need wear a protective bee suit. Again, handling bee removal could be best done by a professional.

Beyond Pest ControlBeyond Pest Control has more than 37 years of bee removal, insect elimination and control experience. Its technicians represent New York City’s leading pest control company that offers programs for comprehensive prevention and application to bee removal service that works round the clock. The jobs of these professionals include removing and relocating the beneficial honey bee.

Beyond Pest Control helps customers effectively and safely meet the unique challenges that stinging insects pose. It is committed to offering customers with the highest level of removal services and professionalism. Contact Beyond Pest Control today and get an immediate response.

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