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All About Camel Cricket

Camel CricketCamel crickets can present themselves a nuisance in laundry rooms, basements and other areas of the house. These pests are classified as accidental invaders, thus, they may wander into your place by accident; however, nearly always reproduce when they do. These crickets thrive in dark, wet or dry spots. They have little preference other than a small source of food, peace and mold.

Identifying Camel Crickets

Unless you have already seen camel crickets in the past, you may find it tough to determine what this pest is. Unlike other kinds of crickets, camel crickets don’t chirp or sing. In fact, they do not even look like a cricket that there dark brown look is not typical of the yellow or green species.  But, camel crickets have big back legs and some people misidentify them as an exotic grasshopper version. Such critters may jump towards people to try to scare them from hurting the insects. These crickets are actually harmless but are shocking revelations to a lot of homeowners.

Habitat of Camel Crickets

As with a lot of other crickets, camel crickets tend to inhabit loose soil or sand areas and long grasses in which they can lay in their eggs. Typically, they live in areas with warm climates that often have high humidity.  Camel crickets sometimes come to domestic dwellings accidentally and are likely to stay for the quiet and hospitable environment that greenhouses and basements may present. Also, they are diggers and may prefer to take up homes in gardens where grounds for burrowing may be presented by sand or dry soil. In warmer climates, watering can be helpful in reducing such conditions.

Life Cycle

Adult camel crickets never chirp since they don’t have wings. Rather, they depend on looking for their mates by smelling pheromones. Female adults are expected to lay such traps so that males will find them on their travels. Often, mating season takes place in the fall with young crickets exist in springtime. Females can store their eggs inside themselves until the prevalence of warmer weather.

Camel Cricket Control

If camel crickets are in your house, think about eliminating the issue first then seek preventing actions to make sure that they don’t return in your place thereafter. Areas like greenhouses with high humidity can be treated through the following:Camel Cricket Control

  • Caulking– Put protective screening and make sure that exit points are sealed. This can diminish the risk of the crickets from coming inside your house.
  • Insecticides– These products can be used for treating the internal and external part of your home. Use them on floor boards and make sure your children or pets are away when doing the treatment.

If you are not considering handling the camel crickets on your own, contact a pest control company right away. Beyond Pest Control provides a full range of pest control services for residents.  The company has commitment to their responsibility to the environment. To keep with such tradition, this exterminator New York City makes use of integrated pest management techniques that include identifying and closing entry points.  Beyond Pest Control carries out evaluation of existing conditions that are likely to directly or indirectly contribute to pest problems like keeping trees and shrubs trimmed back from structures and closing rodents’ exterior entry points.

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