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Keeping your Home Free of Rats

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Rats are rodents that usually infest homes. They are such a menace that you want to get rid of them immediately. The following are some tips that can be effective in handling the nuisance. Rats pose health risk to pets and humans. Common diseases that rats carry include E. Coli, Weil’s disease and Salmonella, Tuberculosis and Cryptosporidiosis. Also, rats carry fleas, ticks and mites as well as cause allergic reactions.

Signs of Rat Problems

Rats are nocturnal and often hide from people so the signs to find in homes and gardens include:

  • Scratching noises- These noises can be heard in walls, under decking and under the floor as rats tend to scurry around to find food.
  • Droppings- Rats are expected to leave tapered and dark droppings around one to two centimeters long.
  • Distinctive smell- The rodents leave a strong ammonia-like smell in enclosed areas like in loft spaces, under cupboards, under decking, sheds or garages.
  • Damage- Rats have teeth which continue to grow and gnaw on plastic, wood and even mild steel in order to keep them trim. Also, rats can cause fires as they chew through wiring and cables.
  • Burrows– in gardens, rates tend to dig burrows particularly under sheds or in compost heaps.
  • Nests- Rats make nests in hidden and warm locations using shredded materials like plastic newspaper and fabric. Often, nests will have young rats.

Keeping Rats Away

Home Free of RatsIt is imperative to proof the house as a defense against rat infestation. Young rats are capable of getting through less than 1cm holes, thus, you have to seal holes and fit bristle strips around your doors. The sounds emitted in ultrasonic pest repellers can irritate rats though humans can hear them. These can be helpful as rat deterrent for protecting a house in the first place. However, they are not recommended for existing infestations since rats can acclimatise to the ultrasound right away.

Rats should not be attracted with food. Your food must be stored in airtight metal or plastic containers. Clean your fridge and cooker regularly. In the garden, make sure that you keep household refuse in closed bins. Never place meat into compost heaps and make use of squirrel-proof bird feeders. All spilt food must be cleared up. In case your garden has pets, make sure you remove food bowls after you feed them.

Getting Rid of Rats

Getting Rid of RatsAlthough commercial DIY products for rat elimination are a cost effective method for deterring rats in low-risk locations, a professional rat control service can help for more established rat colonies, high risk areas or areas where rat infestation takes place over and over again.

Beyond Pest Control offers highly targeted treatment to get rid of rats. The company will advise on keeping your house free of rats for a long term. Beyond Pest Control provides a call-out service for dealing with rats and other pest issues in New York City. This exterminator New York offers fast and effective service as well as provides the highest safety level for families and pets.

After inspecting your home, the professional from Beyond Pest Control will take care of the identified issues and install pest-monitoring tools in crucial locations to pay attention to the pests. The company makes use of the best scientific solutions and tools to get to the roof of what caused the pest infestation in your place.

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