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Keeping Residences Stink Bug-Free

Stink bugs are often found in homes and gardens. As they usually take up residence in locations that flourish with vegetation, stink bug control can be essential. A dependable New York pest control company can help homeowners get rid of these pests.

Getting Rid of Stink Bugs

Residences Stink Bug-FreeAs temperature rises in the spring, stink bugs start to emerge from their hibernation in the winter. Eventually, female stink bugs start laying eggs on any plant. The larvae and adult stink bugs feed on plant juices; however, are also likely to attack vegetables and fruits nearby. Obvious damage may look like pin pricks that are surrounded by green or yellow color. Although it can be tough to get rid of these bugs, there are some ways to remove them naturally and you can employ them before resorting to chemicals.

Free your Gardens and Surroundings from Debris

Any nearby overgrowth or weeds must be removed sine stink bugs often use them for cover. Also, eliminate hiding places such as logs old boards, etc.

Seal any Possible Entryways

Seal any PossibleEnsure that all windows and doors are closed or covered with screens. A lot of people successfully get rid of stink bugs by rubbing dryer sheets to their window screens. As the pests are attracted to lights, it can helpful to pull shades or blinds. Any openings or cracks must be sealed with caulking.

Utilize Natural Garden Repellents

As the bugs feed and lay their eggs on plants in the gardens, consider spraying kaolin clay solution to the plants. This can prevent the insects from laying eggs and feeding on the plants. Also, it is safe for plants. Moreover, pheremone sprays can be used in locations outside the perimeter of the house.

Think About Planting Trap Plants

Using decoy plants in and around your garden can lure stink bugs away from your precious garden plants. The bugs are expected to flock to the traps that can be removed, put in a garbage bag and placed under the sun before totally disposing of them.

Integrate Traps in and Around your House

your HouseTraps can be used for baiting stink bugs. Pheremone traps are available for the pests to naturally get attracted to. When the pests are inside the traps, they will never be able to get away. Put traps in shrubs or trees or other plants near your place or garden as spring starts. Make sure that both the bottom and top portions of the trap are connected to the plant. This provides bugs easy access to the trap.

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