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Identifying and Controlling Stink Bugs

Controlling Stink BugsStink bugs possess straight antennae and piercing sucking mouthparts. The majority of these pests have a characteristic shield shape. A lot of them are plant feeders or even predatory. The pieces of information contained in this post are focused on the brown marmorated stink bug.

This stink bug is around 12mm to 17 mm log. As with other stink bugs, the body of a brow marmorated stink bug is almost as wide as it is long. Adults stink bugs of this kind are brown in color. Their antennae have lighter bands and front wings with dark bands.

Habits, Diet and Behavior

Just like a lot of other stink bugs, these bugs are a pest of vegetables and fruits. They have been found feeding on peaches, apples, corn, tomatoes, green peppers, lima beans and soybeans. They pierce the skin of fruits to feed. They leave after they feed.

These bugs enter homes through openings lick cracks. In the winter, they hide in the crawl space, attic or inside walls. As spring comes, these bug become active. Once they start to move around, a number of them emerge into living spaces. In homes, marmorated stink bugs usually group themselves on windows and walls finding a way out. Often, homeowners are upset to discover such bugs inside their place. They pests have unpleasant odor.

Signs of Infestation

Controlling Stink BugsOften, homeowners detect stink bugs by their invasion in the fall. These bugs tend to turn up on a home’s sunny side where they get warmth for themselves. Usually, growers detect them through the damages the cause crops.

Stink Bug Control

The brown marmorated stink bug can be discouraged from coming inside their place by sealing entryways. Caulk can be used for sealing cracks around windows and doors. Vents in crawl spaces and attics can be protected using screen. Any damaged or torn window screens must be repaired. Also, gaps can be sealed with weather stripping under exterior doors.


Stink bugs are agricultural pests that must be approached with specialized treatment procedures for helping minimize fruit and crop damage. For businesses and homes, stink bugs treatment concentrate on two species which are bothersome: kudzu bugs and the brown marmorated stink bug.Treatment

  • Exterior treatment- An exterminator New York City may recommend sealing cracks that are over 1/8 inch wide, repairing existing screens over gable vents, roof vents, doors and windows, screening and installing door sweeps. There are chemical products that can be applied around potential entry points.
  • Interior Treatments– When stink bugs have entered the home, it is a good idea to vacuum them. Also, homeowners can use stink bug traps.

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