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Ticks: Facts and Control

TicksDepending on the species, ticks vary in color. Adult ticks tend to be smaller in size while tick larvae can be no bigger than 1 millimeter. Common problem ticks include blacklegged ticks, American dog ticks and lone star tick.

Habits, Diet and Behavior of Ticks

Ticks are usually found near highly vegetated areas and woods. A number of species need moisture in order to survive. Males and females of most species feed on blood of birds, reptiles and mammals. Every tick species has a preferred host though most of them feed on any available blood.


The lifecycle of ticks involve four stages- egg, larval, nymph and adult. They have just 6 legs as larvae and 8 legs as nymphs and adults. Ticks consume blood meals in every stage. During the sages of the lifecycle of ticks, pathogens can be passed through.

Signs of Tick Infestation

Often, signs of ticks are the presence of the pests themselves. Other signs include fluids they transmit or medical symptoms from diseases. These signs can vary and medical professionals can do a diagnosis.

Control and Prevention

Control and PreventionTicks tend to find safety in hidden areas within houses. Repairing gaps and crevices as well as keeping grass cut short are likely to discourage infestation. It is also important to dispose all rodent and bird nesting materials since ticks will infest such items. Ticks treatment is different from that of fleas. In case a tick infestation is taking place in your house, call a local pest management professional. A good exterminator in NYC should be in business for years which makes capable of handling any pest issues.

Ticks that are found on people or pets require thorough and cautious removal. Tweezers can grasp these pests behind the head that must be pulled slowly from the skin of the host. Crushing the tick can result in the release of more dangerous fluids. The mouthparts must be totally eliminated from the wound. Areas that are infected must be washed and disinfected.

Entry to Homes

Entry to HomesTicks get inside a house by hitchhiking inside on people, pets or clothing. Thus, you need to inspect your pets and kids to ensure that there are no ticks. Also, clothes with ticks must be washed. These pests can become an issue if there are tick hosts that live in the attic or crawl space. Once they are inside, the majority of ticks don’t survive well unless they there is another host for them. Brown dog tick and soft ticks are exceptions to this since this specie tends to survive and reproduce well inside.

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