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Ticks and How to Control Them

Ticks have various species which vary in looks. However, all adults are round and small with 8 legs. Every tick feeds on the bloods of vertebrates. Ticks can be hard or soft. Often, mating takes place as adult ticks are on the host animal’s body. The female tick drops to the ground and then deposit its eggs.

Ticks are capable of carrying serious diseases including Lyme disease. Once infected with this, an individual is likely to feel flu-like symptoms and have a red rash. As the symptoms of this disease mimic the flu, it usually goes undiagnosed and can result more serious health issues when not treated.

Brown Dog Tick

This tick specie is unusual among ticks as it can complete its life cycle indoors. This makes it possible for them to establish population even in colder climates. In the southern United States, brown dog ticks are found outdoors at any time of the year. However, in the northern U.S., they are active during the warm months.

  • Description– Brown dog ticks are red-brow and uniform in color. When viewed from above, its mouthparts can be seen easily. Their body is flattened and have a tear-drop shape.
  • Habits– A lot of tick species can be carried inside the house on animals; however, cannot complete their life cycle inside. These ticks prefer dogs as their host. Adult ticks are attached between the toes and to the ears and larvae and nymphs can be found in hair along a dog’s back. When an infestation takes place inside a house, this can quickly grow. Homes become infested when their dog gets ticks from a boarding kennel, an infested residence and open fields where there are other infested dogs. Some infested dogs may go to your place and some ticks are likely to drop off. As a result, your house and yard may be infested although a dog is not actually kept there. When ticks get a blood meal, they will try to find a protected scenario in the immediate surroundings. This is the reason they can be found under windows, behind baseboards, in furniture, window pulley openings and under door moldings.

American Dog Trick

This tick species prefer dogs as their host; however, they feed on bigger animals. They are a carrier of Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Controlling these ticks in outdoors is quite challenging. Although many insecticides are available for outdoor tick control, they don’t seem to be as effective as claimed in removing big numbers of ticks in heavily wooded and brushy locations. But, they are tick management techniques which can discourage the buildup of the pests in such areas. The more permanent approach to managing ticks is habitat modification.

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