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Rice weevil


Rice weevil

Rice weevils are found in grain storage facilities or processing plants, infesting wheat, oats, rye, barley, rice, and corn. Although not often found in the home.

Rice weevils found infesting beans, birdseed, sunflower seeds, dried corn, and too a lesser degree macaroni and spaghetti.Granary and rice weevils do not bite or sting humans or pets, spread disease, or feed on or damage the house or furniture

Rice weevils have chewing mouthparts at the end of their snouts or prolonged heads, and are about 1/8- to 3/16-inch long, depending on the size of the grain kernel.Rice weevil is a shiny reddish-brown with elongated pits on the thorax, whereas the adult rice weevil is a dull reddish-brown with round or irregularly shaped pits on the thorax and four light spots on the wing covers

Rice weevils larval stage are legless, humpbacked, white to creamy white, with a small, tan head. Weevils in the pupa stage have snouts like the adults.

Life Cycle:female rice weevil lays an average of 4 eggs per day and may live for four to five months producing 250-400 eggs.rice weevil single generation can be completed in around 28 days. rice weevil eggs hatch in about 3 days. The larvae feed inside the grain kernel for an average of 18 days.Rice weevils new adult will remain in the seed for 3 to 4 days while it’s cuticle hardens and matures.

Rice weevil

Rice weevil

Habitat:Rice weevils may also infest grain in the field. Larvae hollow out kernels of grain and usually attack whole kernels

They only measure about 9 mm – 15 mm long. Holes in the side of the grain are made by adults and by the emerging adults.They build up in numbers in stored grain

Control:Products that need to be retained may be placed in the freezer for several weeks to kill adults and larvae.Control of these insects inspection and removal of infested food products

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